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MASH by mailani
(Freebee) Your vehicle will be...
When are you getting married?June 12, 2028
Who you are getting married to...iwantursex182
Who will be your bridesmaid/ bestman?whycantuhearme
How much will you and your spouse make a year?$469,749
How many Kids will you have?17
How happy will you be?: 78%
How good your sex life will be...: 95%
Where do you live?Maine
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not only will i turn lesbian, but christine will does a neet little trick too, she's going to be our best man And the one i will marry at the same time, CRAZY! oh, not to mentiom our 17 childern that will be conseived

what-up blood??

P.L.P. <3...yes oh so hardcore..that'z don't even want to know what would happen if you would not going to go into that :]
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Hey plp!! how was ur weekend?? mines was ok i saw jonathan allday on saturday and of course i got in truble but who cares i saw him thats all that counts:)
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