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please die ana

for as long as you're here, we're not

anorexia recovery
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~ Info ~

This community is designed for people like me, who were once addicted to pro-ana web sites and are now seeking recovery from their eating disorder. Recovery is not easy... we all know that. I would say it is by far the hardest thing I have gone through in my life. That is why I think we really need to help each other out. Just as with pro-ana I want you to find support here but for your recovery instead. I would just hope that you could find something more to life than a sickness of starvation. Going day to day starving yourself is not a life! It took me a long time to realize that! Please stay and look around.

Ive been recovered for over a year now & its amazing

feel free to contact me if you need anything.

~ Rules ~

no numbers, as in weight, BMI, or calories, etc. is to be mentioned.
no discouraging comments.
were all here to get better, dont bring anyone down.
no thinspiration!!
posts are to be made friends only.
feel free to post when your scared or going through something you cant handle, thats why i made this community.
im always here if you need anything so please contact me whenever you need someone to talk to.

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