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We ride the loser go round!

give us a twirl

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Welcome to _PishXPosh_ : This is a rating community, but no worries we ARE nice here. If youve been rejected, this is your new home. We're a community for the extraordinary. The beautiful and unique. The seksi, and the wanted. Somewhere to post your thoughts, opinions, arguements, joyous news, and disbeliefs, without ever having to worry about jerks or people with pissy pants :] We love you here, your one of us.

Your Maintainers/Mods

Angela ^ The genius behind this community. Isnt she gorgeous? Jk...sorta

Taylor was removed cuz she...sucks at life. SO Amanda is the new fellow MOD
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Amanda ^ is awesome like no other.

1.You must be at least 13 years old.

2.Be confident with who you are; afterall, you do want us to like you.

3.Be able to handle the "NO" answers just as well as the "YES" answers. Whining, complaining, and bitching is not tolerated.

4.Do not argue with the voters. Rudeness, swearing, vulgar gestures..will not be tolerated. If any of this is done, you will be automatically rejected and banned. and then your bitching was pointless wasnt it? it's not a win/win situation.

5.You cannot comment on any posts inside the community, besides your own, until you are given an acceptance stamp. If this occurs the comments will be deleted and you will be banned from the community.

6.If you are rejected, you MUST wait a minimum of 2 weeks to retry. After 3 rejections you cannot try again.

7.Purty please put your application behind a livejournal cut. ((exceptionally long posts, or pictures belong behind a lj cut as well.))

8.You cannot change your application once it has been posted.

9.Voting will start once your application is posted. You will be given a stamp of rejection or acceptance within a week. We promise.

10. Be descriptive in your answers. No short ones, we want to get to know you!

11. We expect tolerance of others and their situations, If you dont like someones views, concider them before you reply back. ((I hate cat fights!))

12. FRIENDSHIP! YAY! HAPPINEESS :] be nice, love each other.

This is the application. It is premade for the sole purpose of making our lives easier. Do not use rich-text mode, please.