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I'm sorta nervous...I've had bad experiences with these kinds of groups before but I think that this one will be different...
Okay...on to the application... CHaaaaarge...


.. The Basics ..

Location:Chapel Hill North Carolina
Grade (if in one): 12th (SENIOR! yay!)

.. Favorites ..

Movies: Donnie Darko,Hedwig and the Angry Inch,Run Lola Run
TV Shows:I love the 80's/90's,basically all of [adult swim]
Books:"White Oleander" by Janet Fitch,the Harry Potter books,"Animal Farm" and "1984" by George Orwell, "The Great Gatsby" by F.Scott Fitzgerald
Songs: "This Celluloid Dream" by A.F.I.,"Superhero" by Wideband Network,"The Creature Walks" by He Is Legend,"Irreversible" by The Exies...and a LOT more ^-^
Musical Groups:Oh gracious, I have so many...Nirvana,Alice in Chains,A.F.I.,Orgy,Dir En Grey,Darude,Daft Punk,The Beatles,Green Day...and theres a lot more :P
Actors:Johnny Depp,Christian Bale,Adrian Brody
Actresses:Halle Berry,Angelina Jolie,Salma Hayek
Letter of the alphabet:Q,K,H (H because its the first letter of my boyfriends name :P)
Number: 7

Can you touch tongue to your nose or curl your tongue? of course

Tell me a quick story: Uhm...if you mean fiction then...here
Its cold. January evening. The girl walks briskly, her head buried in her thick grey jacket.She walks aimlessly, she dosent know where to go this particularly cold evening. The wind grazes her delicate,pale face, leaving a tint of pink in her cheeks. She quickens her pace until she finds herself in front of a street corner diner. She sighs and walks inside. she is greeted by the typical sounds and smells of a neighborhod diner. Late night workers eating dinner, followed by their asprin chasers. Wiping their mouths on the cuffs of their crisp,pressed dress shirts. The red-headed, gum-smacking waitress,her face caked with makeup, clashing with her pink apron, and her nametag reading Darleen. Its late...the chefs arent busy, but crashes from the kitchen show signs of life back by the grills and freezers. The girl slips off her hood, and sits down. Some of her short black hair falls in her face, she shakes it out of the way just as the waitress called "Darleen" comes over, coffeepot in hand. "Anything I can getcha darlin'?" she drawls out. "Just a cup of coffee, thank you..." the girl says softly. Darleen smacks her gum, smiles and reaches out for the heavy white mug on the table and fills it with the hot brown liquid. The steam rising from the mug leaves a thin layer of perspiration on the girls face. She adds cream,watches the liquid clouds appear in a miniature muddy sky, and drops a few crystilized grains of snow into her personal atmosphere. A sigh escapes her lips as she takes the first sip of bittersweet coffee. She pushes it away, sitting back in her booth, looking out the window. Her breath leaves little clouds on the window. She sees two women smoking across the street, leaning on the stoop of the library, hooting at young akward men passing by. "Whores..." the girl mutters under her breath. Her gaze drifts to the moths fluttering about the streetlights. She feels like she can relate to them...Drawn to a bright light. It seems so warm, so safe, beautiful, serene, harmless...addictive. Then, suddenly, your flame blows out and you are left with nothing, flapping around in the dark. She feels a tear on her face and hurridley wipes it away. She takes one last swig of coffee, throws her money on the table and walks out quickley. She walks to the corner and lights a cigarette. She exhales the smoke, it looks like a ghost against the blue black sky. Its freezing, she wants to go home, but it is not safe there anymore. She is like the moth..he is like her extinguished flame. She gingerly touches the bruise blossoming on her face and feels the tears well up in her eyes again. She starts to walk again, rapidly inhaling her cigarette. She knows she'll have to go home soon. Her mind is full of thoughts. Like how he came home in a drunken stupour, how he had another woman,half dressed, pinned to his side. How angry he looked, screaming at her, his hand raising to strike her over and over again. Everything seemed to blur together, in a mess of color and sounds. It seemed like a circus on acid, going in loops in her head. She steps in front of a taxi, un aware that it is there and comes close to being hit. She dosent know where she is going, she dosent care, she just needs to think. Smoking cigarette after cigarette, quickley ducking into a bar to grab a rum and coke...
She soon finds herself in front of her apartment door. She takes a deep breath, opens the door and walks in. It is 6 oclock in the morning. He isnt there, and she is relieved. She goes to the bathroom to take a shower. She steps in, and feels the water rushing over her, and imagines it washing away the memories of the night.

(oh wow...I'm so sorry thats so long :blush: )

Something that has had an impact on your life: Negative:My cousin being sent to Iraq this month,me being raped when I was 15 by my ex boyfriend,and going through a deep stage of depression ( which I have overcome) Positive: Dating my boyfriend of a year and 4 months,overcoming depression,and widening my views on a lot of things

.. Questions ..

What are your hobbies and interests? I like drawing,singing,playing bass,playing video games,watching anime and acting silly with my buddies

Who is your role model? i know this sounds cliche, but my mother. She dosen't take any crap from anybody and has always pushed me to do my best.

Where do you want to be in 10 years? I want to be travelling with bands around the world, whether I'm in one or doing a job as a photojournalist for Rolling Stone. I'd either do that or I would like to pursue a career in art.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? I would go to either Japan because of the culture and the shopping ( i love the whole harajuku scene) or France, because it seems so romantic and charming.

What do you consider your best feature? Your worst? My best feature would probably be my eyes. My worst? My stomach :P

What is your opinion on religion? Well, I'm not exactly religious, but I definatley believe in a higher power up there. If you are highly religious I will not condemn you for it. It irritates me,though, when people try to force their religion upon me.

How do you feel about war? I am extremely against it. I think it was wrong for us to meddle in the affairs in Iraq,and I am taking it very personally these days because (as I mentioned earlier) my cousin is being sent there in a few days

Describe your position on gay marriages. I am for them whole heartedly. Marriage is about love...and the government should not have a say in who you can and cannot love.

How many fingers am i holding up?....3! :)

Whats your favorite food? Pizza or sushi

Whats your views on prostitution? :shrug: I personally don't like it, but if you want to go and get laid by a bunch of guys...go right ahead

Whats your views on the catholic church? Hmm...Its a church, and its Catholic....

Pick an animal that you can relate too, why can you realte to it? A cat, because they're lazy ^^

What is the best piece of advice you've ever recieved, and why? From my friend DD: Everyone makes mistakes. THe only difference in people is how we live after we have made them"....I took that advice to heart because of all the mistakes i have made in my life, and I have chosen to move on and not dwell on the past. (I sound cheesy, I know)

How do you feel about homophobia? I hate it...period

What are your special talents? I can play DDR,I can doodle,and I can act stupid :grin grin:

Describe yourself in 4 words or less. Strange,Quirky,Caring,Lazy

Your favorite body part is? and why? In someone else, my favorite body part is their eyes, because they can show so much emotion

Your first kiss was where? Was it magical? ^-^ My first kiss was in front of my house under a streetlamp...it was quite magical

Tell us something random about you, something you would want us to know. I'm bi...:giggle: yeah :P

Post 2+ pictures of yourself... If you dont have a digital camera at the moment...talk to on of the mods/maintainers and we'll see if we can work stuff out. But This is a rating community so pictures are HIGHLY recommended
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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