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.. The Basics ..

Name: tOmmee.
Age: 38.
Sex: Ppl tel mee Ayem uh boi.
Location: Ah mowntentahp in t3h Handuurruhs.
Grade (if in one): Mii m0mmee stil putz mee in daeekair.

.. Favorites ..

Movies: Barneezz gr8 advenshur!!!1111!!!!1!1!!!1!!!
TV Shows: Ricki Laek.
Books: Hukt ahn F0nixxx, B-cuz it reellee wukt 4 mee!@!111!!!!1!!1
Songs: Crahlnig, unbr8k mi hart, ballz ahn parade, ah cumign bak 2 mee nao.
Musical Groups: linkin aprk, muhsheen vs t3h raej, celeen deeon, librrrrrachi, .
Actors: Garee Coalmen.
Actresses: Barbruh Striessend.
Letter of the alphabet: 12.
Number: Eleventeen.


Can you touch tongue to your nose or curl your tongue? Eye dink sew!111!!1!!!1!11!!

Tell me a quick story
1 daee, aye cawt mi kat puupnig ahn mi tamboreenz. Aye ast mi kat, "Y did u du dat!1!111???//?//?", an it sed, "s8n wil oan ur sol, niga g dawg bat." Aftur wurds eye broak a shandehleer ovru its hed an slod it 2 uh sheyeneezs restarahnt. T3h dnd. yayayayayayayay!1!11111!!!!11!!!11!111!1

Something that has had an impact on your life
t3h preevuu gied.

.. Questions ..

What are your hobbies and interests? puuping mi pantz, masturb8nig on old ladeez, sendnig mi nefeus 2 t3h nevurland ranch b-cuz mikel jakson izz KeWl, an aye aslo N-joi piknig mah bugurs an throeeng dem at mi pubic haer1

Who is your role model?
Where do you want to be in 10 years?
N uh hugeez kumershol.
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? t3h nersign hoam so eye ken puup freelee umungzt mi plp ni pee.

What do you consider your best feature? Your worst? mi yntelijens. mi nostrol haer.

What is your opinion on religion? jeesus, santuh, and teh tuth faeree are mi hoamees!!1!11!1!!1!1!! t3H denksgivnig tureky iz also KeWl.

How do you feel about war? It maekz mee puup mi patns.

Describe your position on gay marriages. uh man an uh wumun shud ahlwazz bee happeee!1!111!!1111

How many fingers am i holding up? 12.

Whats your favorite food? watevre mi kat yusd 2 eet.

Whats your views on prostitution? derz uh bunch rit uhkrsos t3h steret wair eye liv.

Whats your views on the catholic church? t3h paop iz mah fahetr.

Pick an animal that you can relate too, why can you realte to it? mi kat, b-cuz wee lyikt 2 puup ahn theengzz.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever recieved, and why? lYf izz lyik teepee, u juzt l3t t3h gud tym3zz roal.

How do you feel about homophobia? watzzdat???????///???//??????

What are your special talents? eye ken pull ahn mi ding-ding all daee.

Describe yourself in 4 words or less. huh, wat, mi diapurr!!11!1!!1!

Your favorite body part is? and why? Mi hat, b-cuz it ma3kz mee f3l3 speshla.

Your first kiss was where? Was it magical? ^-^ mi mom. y3zzzzz

Tell us something random about you, something you would want us to know. eye just fratd3

Post 2+ pictures of yourself... If you dont have a digital camera at the moment...talk to on of the mods/maintainers and we'll see if we can work stuff out. But This is a rating community so pictures are HIGHLY recommended
aye dnot haf uh kameruh riet nao, but eyel m3ak u ah smylee fa3s juz7 4 u.


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