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We Tried to Swim

But we did not know which way to go

My sign is Pisces
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February 19-March 20

Water sign
Mutable, good with communication
Negative, night forces
The Fish
Phrase: "I Believe"

What you may not know about Pisces: A misconception about Pisces is that they are passive. No NO NO!! They are just sweet beings but can and will get violent. They are excellent fighters often beating anyone who challenges them. My grandmother used to beat her husband but she just acted like the sweetest woman. Pisces are irresistable and people are attracted to them because of their free spirits and innocence. It is also a mistake that Pisces are dumb but by no means are! They just wear their hearts on their sleeves, something that is not done anymore. They live on wishes and dreams, often not grounded in reality. They are often disappointed when things don't go well but they still keep on keepin' on. They often have unstable lives full of moving, unpaid bills, and dirty houses. Their children often have issues with them when they grow up because their Pisces parents did not give them enough attention. Pisces needs to learn that just SOME stability can get them a long way.

Aileen Wuornos
Feb 29

Kurt Cobain
Feb 20, 1967

Dr. Suess
March 2, 1904

Mr. Rogers
March 20, 1928

Erykah Badu
February 26, 1971

Thora Birch
March 11, 1982


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