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Artistic Ability in Fish

So I was wondering...

I've seen alot of water signs (Pisces in particular) be blessed with some type of artistic talent. Mostly among us are music and poetry (though they say that dance is our native talent). I wanted to test that theory and ask those of you reading this out there, if you have an artistic ability of some kind and if so, what is it?
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Libra/Scorpio cusp and a Pisces girl

Hey guys. I joined up because recently I've hooked up with a lovely Piscean girl. I have been with a Pisces before and two of my best male friends were Pisces. This girl is pretty, ladylike, gentle and kind. I was wondering what your opinion was for a Piscean dating a Libra/Scorpio cusp (me). I have traits from both signs. Thanks. :)

We tried...

We tried to swim, but we did not know which way to go.
We tried to fly, but we did not think that we would sink.
What water echoes beneath and below is the same as the sky that we all know.
What stars beyond us that shimmer and blink are far more closer than we may just think.

The darkness of depth, the darkness of sky, what is not the same is merely our lie.
The truth that we seek, if that is our wish, is out of our grasp, both raven and fish.
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Hey Neptunians!

Hi everyone Im a Pisces born on the 'Ides of March' -- I'm your stereotypical pisces, dreamy, vague, compassionate, arty, cant make my mind up at the best of times and have a constant battle with myself between spending enough time with my friends and spending enough time by myself.
I love the idea of joining a community filled to the brim with Pisceans. I, too think they can be a little misunderstood by people. We are slippery us fish, but oh, what wonderful worlds we can slip into!

I'm a self-taught astrologer so if anyone wants me to do their basic chart for them I'll be happy to. Just as long as they add me! :)
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