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On 27 February 2011
The Pirate Mafia
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This is a rating community for you rad pirates!

The first 7 will be auto-accepted, but you still must submit an application
1. You must place your application under a livejournal cut. If you don't know how, then find out!
2. This is a RATING community. If you get no's, accept it, because that is what you applied for.
3. Place "Shiver Me Timbers" in the subject, so we know you actually read these, come on, they're short.
4. Mod's have veto power over anyone who is accepted.
5. If rejected, you can re-apply in one week, but you only get one re-apply.
6. Once accepted, Vote, and Promote your little heart out or walk the plank.
7. You must be 14 or older, unless your super hott.
8. After you join the community, you have 48 hours to post an exceptions!
9. If you break a rule, you will get a warning, but the next time you do it, you will be banned.
10. Thanks to ron, all users must refer to the mods as cap'n, captain, or el capitano...sumthing like that, b/c it's just cute lol . . .
11. Don't post promos . . . if u are starting a community and really want to promote it, or if u just have a community u really wnna promote . . . then ask one of the mods for permission . . .
13. After u post ur app, the members will have 48 hours to vote on it...if we say yes, then ur in...if we say no, refer to rule 5
14. if ur being inactive, i'll give u a warning...u have one week from then to get active (vote, promote[post proof]) or i will have to kick you out.

Copy/paste this bitches:
...the basics...

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location: 10...

4. Bands:
5. Books:
6. Pet Peeves:
7. songs:
8. movies: shows:
10. foods:
11. Disliked Bands:


12. homosexuality
13. premarital sex
14. Bush:


15. why do you belong in this community? (in other words, what makes u a pirate??)
16. where did you hear about us?
17. what do you think of the mods (be honest)?
18. Do you drink/smoke?
19. Have you ever pillaged and plundered?
20. When was the last time that u "fought the law"? do u know what band this ? is referencing??
21. Who are your heroes?
22. Favorite quote?
23. If you could meet anyone (past or present) who would it be and why?

**post 4+ pics of u least 2 good shots of ur face :)**

*promote to at least 2 different places and show the links. links will be checked.

here are the promo banners:


Los Capitanos

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MOD♥♥♥Marcy (elcapitano4566)

co-mod: Ron (ron_jon_09)


Accept/Reject Banners


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Have Fun

*** this is the code for one of the promo banners***