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1. Name:becca
2. Age:17

3. Location:FUCKING Hawaii 10...

4. Bands:crass,icons of filth,subhumans,world inferno,antiflag,adicts,GBH,circle jerks,7seconds,and more kids
5. Books:poetry books i supposed to have ten?
6. Pet Peeves:ppls feet touching me,ppl judging others,
7. songs: ..oh..gosh..theres way too many
8. movies:the little mermaid,and the endless summer, shows:dont watch tv
10. foods:watermelon!
11. Disliked Bands:anything country or over played on the radio,,ohk anything on the radio


12. homosexuality open minded but its not for me
13. premarital sex.. a little guilty here..ok as long as you keep protected!
14. Bush:FUCK BUSH


15. why do you belong in this community? (in other words, what makes u a pirate??) my pro pirate abilities
16. where did you hear about us?boardkids
17. what do you think of the mods (be honest)? i like those glasses..

18. Do you drink/smoke? yeash
19. Have you ever pillaged and plundered? chea
20. When was the last time that u "fought the law"? 2 seconds being arrested right now..fucking pigs..

do u know what band this ? is referencing??not really..what does this have to do with being a pirate?
21. Who are your heroes?dont have
22. Favorite quote? this question..
23. If you could meet anyone (past or present) who would it be and why? sid vicious so i could rape him

**post 4+ pics of u least 2 good shots of ur face :)**

*promote to at least 2 different places and show the links. links will be checked.

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