marceface (silhouettelies9) wrote in _pirate_mafia_,

ok...i'm officially back...this community is going to hell, in all aspects, and although i love ron and court dearly, it seems that ever since i left, there has been a downward spiral of things....and, i'm really just too careless about the stuff that made me leave ne more...btw...don't ask me for friend adds b/c i'm not keeping up the journal at all...i just want this community back and ron, i'm reassuming my position as mod...and with u as co-mod...i think this is what's best now...that is if u allow ron lolol...


the true "el capitano"

as for u pirates, in order to keep this going and to kill the dullness, promote like crazy...otherwise, the community will b nothing...thank u much
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