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Pink panties MAKE us pretty people!

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Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
12:59 pm - Just a note...

I am wearing boy briefs today.
With a rainbow elastic band.
They're no pink panties, but I never claimed that I could pull off wearing such undergarments...

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Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
3:35 pm - Grrr NOT yay for managment of the panties!

Okay. Steve, I think that you have to "request" to me to be added to the members list, because it won't let me add you through community management. But I approved your membership! Yay! You got in our panties! :-)

I would just like to add that Mary Naked Time in PE was exceptionally enjoyable today. :-)

current mood: Naked

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12:25 am - STEVES APPLICATION!!!!!!

ok, so he didnt piost this in Pink Panties, so i am copying it in here! I VOTE HIM IN!!!!!!!

Today I'm applying to the Pink Pantie group.
Ohh I hope I get in...I so wish I could wear my pinkies with that group of wearers.
Hmm, wouldn't that be the kooliest?

****APPLICATION!**** (How to get in our panties)

Real name:Steven
Location:Duluth Mn
Sex: Please
Weight:125 lbs
Height: 6'4''
Favorite song: Pachelbel's canon
Favorite movie: Too many
Favorite place to purchase panties:Victoria's secret all the way
Favorite colour (besides pink, of course!):Black, white
Favorite place to have sex:Beach
Vices (drinking, smoking, nymphomania, etc.): Nymphomania, drinking, dancing
College you attend/ are planning to attend:UMD
Describe yourself in 5 words: Weird, nerdy, tough, pink-Pantilicous, springy.

Please answer these important questions:
1. Do you enjoy strip clubs? Only when accompanied by my fav. trio of chicka's
2. If you saw a lonely cat at a gas station, what would you do? Take it home and give it milk, even if it didn't like me.
3. How many times a day do you masturbate? Usually, 5-6, but lately I've had to cut down due to the chafing.

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Thursday, April 29th, 2004
7:58 am - and TODAY's theme is...

RED LINGERIE DAY! Everybody wear red lingerie because it's FUN!

Yesterday, when I was wearing my pink panties, we had swimming in PE, so I was walking around the locker room in nothing but my little panties, and people were looking at me weird. Freshmen, mostly, and I think it was envy. Little freshmen girls are silly because they change in the bathrooms because they don't want other chicks to see them naked. I never did that. They're so stupid. The end.

current mood: freshmen-loathing

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Wednesday, April 28th, 2004
8:05 am - And to help celebrate Dress Like Cindi Lauper Day...

I'm wearing my pink panties from Victoria's Secret! Hooray!

current mood: pantified!

(Cream your panties!)

Tuesday, April 27th, 2004
8:15 am - Yay for the panties.

Today I'm wearing my 2003 Forensics thong!

Hooray panties! :-D

current mood: ecstatic

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Sunday, April 25th, 2004
9:14 pm - have a pancake.

Bought the BEST panties ever today! Theyre from Aeropostale and they have pancakes on them! They also say HOTCAKES on the back. LOVE THEM!

See, when I was with Daryl, we made fun of this dumb commerical for that new Fox show that had a ceramic cow that kept saying "have a pancake." Then "have a pancake" turned sexual.

And so, I have hot pancake panties.

current mood: pancake-y

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5:59 pm - yay for pink panties!

today i am wearing some of my favorite panties. they are pink bikini style panties with sombraros and burros and mexican blankets and cactuses all over them, and in glow in the dark writing (well it used to glow, but they are old, so not so much anymore) it says "muy caliente"

translation: "very hot"

so yay!!!

and yesterday i woke my blue thong that says "Pina Colada" on it!

"if you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain. if youre not into yoga. if you have half a brain. if you like making love at midnight in the dunes of the cape, im the lady you've looked for. write to me and excape"

current mood: crazy

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Saturday, April 24th, 2004
12:25 pm - This is what this community is for right?

In celebration of my birthday, I am wearing my pink bra and hot pink thong with the little metal bow thing!!! SO HOT!!!!!!!

current mood: thonged!

(Cream your panties!)

Friday, April 23rd, 2004

And it's also Dress Like a Las Vegas Hooker Day! YAY for my red fishnets and red high heels and black gambling skirt and I Heart Pirates Shirt and my Mock Trial blazer!! Whee!!

current mood: Las Vegas-Hooker-esque

(Cream your panties!)

1:16 am - weekend..........

all i have to say is, i probably wont be wearing my panties much this weekend!

(1 condom | Cream your panties!)

Thursday, April 22nd, 2004
3:20 pm - Alright...this is my extra birthday present to Paige.

And this is the last time I EVER change the emotion icons! FOREVER!! For real forever this time!!

current mood: drained

(3 condoms | Cream your panties!)

7:48 am - Alright, fine, you bitches win! Fuck all of you!

Okay. So we got rid of the bears. I fucking hope you fucking like the fucking new fucking emotion icons because I'm not fucking changing them AGAIN! EVER!

Yes, they're little pink blobby things!! DEAL WITH IT!!

current mood: crushed

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Wednesday, April 21st, 2004
8:34 pm - "Wanna hear some good news? I named my nickel Phil. Wanna hear some bad news? It's a GIRL nickel."

Today did not go as planned. It turned out instead to be Mary Fake Sick and Go Home Early and Not Wear Panties Day. I love this day! The end. (Le fin.)


current mood: crazy

(1 condom | Cream your panties!)

7:25 pm - C'est Moi!

okey dokey, i do agree that the bear is scary and should go. some of the bears pics are cute, but some are just, umm, humping the mailboxes. so yeah, scary.

and i would like to say that my panties today are the coolest. from AE tehy are orange and say "Vote for me" and "student body president 2003" and yeah, pretty funny!!

hmm.....which panties should i wear tomorrow?? or this weekend??

oh! idea! everyone needs to tell how many pair of panties they have!! yeah! itll be fun! so go count your panties, and put it in here!

i have 47 pairs of panties in my drawer at school!

current mood: chipper

(Cream your panties!)

8:09 am - And today....

Today is Black Lingerie Day and Mary Come Late to School So She Can Finish Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer Re-Runs on F/X Network Day. Later on, it will be Mary Slaughters Frosh at Batmition Day.

Yay for Wednesdays!

current mood: Frosh-murdering

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
9:49 pm - Does anyone else OTHER THAN PAIGE have a problem with the little bears?

Let's take a vote. Who likes the bears and thinks they should stay, and who is a sissy like Paige that finds them scary?

(PS Paige you know I love you, but you're still a sissy!! LOL!)

current mood: offended

(4 condoms | Cream your panties!)

3:30 pm - Victoria's Secret

I was seriously dissapointed in Victoria's Secret this last weekend. I had a coupon for a free tube of mascara from VSBeauty, and they were out and REFUSED to substitute anything else for it. Rarh. However, they did have some cute panties that Kristen got, pink, black and green with black polka dots. You just cant stay mad at VS for very long, cause theyre stuff is so damn cute. Oh, and if you bought a bottle of VerySexy for Him you got a free HUGE silver umbrella with a girl in her underwear in the rain printed on the inside, its one of the coolest things Ive ever seen, Kristen got one of those too. Damn, too bad that I bought Daryls cologne just before Christmas and he doesnt need anymore...I WANT A FUN UMBRELLA! Always, always yay for Victorias Secret.

My choice panties for today, since everyone seems to be discussing this topic, are silky leopard print thongs. Hooray panties!

current mood: content

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2:06 pm - BEARS!!!!

There are scary bears invading some emotion icons. Also I am wearing my pink bra. Bears are scary. That is all.

current mood: Bear Scared!

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7:47 am - Guess what today is!!

Today is official red lingerie day. I'm wearing my lucky thong from Forensics 2003 and my lucky $8 red bra I bought that one time with Dana and Paige and Adriane! Yeah!

It's also red shoe day! To go with my red lingerie and my red hair! So, if I took off all my clothes and left my lingerie and my shoes and my hair on, there would only be RED! Not as good as pink perhaps, but still rather exciting!

current mood: Sexy-red

(Cream your panties!)

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