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i can post this on pink panties if i want to!

You Should Experiment A Little

Could you be a lesbian? It's pretty difficult to say.

You have a small attraction and interest in women - and that's worth exploring.

Don't fly your pride flag yet, but do find a few cool lesbian or bi girls to hang with.

Over time you'll figure out what - and who - gets your head spinning.

Should You Go Lesbian?

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heehee well awesome! at least i know i have options if i do end up getting entitrely too sick of the male gender. and i really hate them most times. but as for my cool lesbians to chill with, theres emily! YEAH!


Your Journal Is Rated NC-17

Journal? More like a sex tell all!

For you, no naughty detail is too small.

You'd never think of using an LJ Cut

Even for pic of a dildo up your butt

What's Your Journal Rated?

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even for a dildo shoved up my butt??!!?!? WHAA?!?!?!

Slippery When Wet

Your Sign Is: Slippery When Wet

You're hot and sensual, and not exactly shy about it

You show off your assets constantly, and take whatever comes from it

"Work it" is a concept you've perfected, and you're the sexiest person everyone knows

You're shameless in how far you are willing to flirt... often with messy consequences

What's Your Street Sign?

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awesome for me!!!

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