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Yay for helpfulness...and PINK PANTIES!

One: I went shopping at Victoria's Secret today, and the lady there was all, "Can I measure your breasts?" Best saleslady encounter EVER! Of course I said yes, because that's just cool, and I discovered what we supsected all along: The exsquisite rare miniatures are 36B! Whoo!

Two: I bought pink panties. YAY!

Three: Dana and I now are charging money for making out, and the only people that get discounts are Emily, Dixie, and Steve! Because I said so! SKIPPY does not get a discount. HA!

Four: Mary has sex lined up for the summer! Here's my plan:

Plan A: Make amends with CJ, then do him while in SLC.

Plan B: Have it McNick's way!

Plan C: That JTT-looking guy that Dana and Paige and Dixie want me to do...I might try and do him.

Plan D: Ahh...he reads my LJ, so I don't want to mention his name. Dixie knows who I'm talking about. Won't say more here. ;-)

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