May 9th, 2004


Dana's Underwear

Today when Dana was packing up her clothes we threw away several of her terribly small terribly old bras. But we each put on one over our shirts! And I put on Dana's crotchless panties over my pants! She hasn't worn them yet, so it wasn't gross! I can't believe she hasn't worn them yet! And remember a certain Dana promising a lot of people they would get pictures of her in her panties if they signed up for a livejournal??? Ya that hasn't happened either!!!!
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Yay for helpfulness...and PINK PANTIES!

One: I went shopping at Victoria's Secret today, and the lady there was all, "Can I measure your breasts?" Best saleslady encounter EVER! Of course I said yes, because that's just cool, and I discovered what we supsected all along: The exsquisite rare miniatures are 36B! Whoo!

Two: I bought pink panties. YAY!

Three: Dana and I now are charging money for making out, and the only people that get discounts are Emily, Dixie, and Steve! Because I said so! SKIPPY does not get a discount. HA!

Four: Mary has sex lined up for the summer! Here's my plan:

Mary's sex plans A-D!Collapse )

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