May 4th, 2004


ok, so he didnt piost this in Pink Panties, so i am copying it in here! I VOTE HIM IN!!!!!!!

Today I'm applying to the Pink Pantie group.
Ohh I hope I get in...I so wish I could wear my pinkies with that group of wearers.
Hmm, wouldn't that be the kooliest?

****APPLICATION!**** (How to get in our panties)

Real name:Steven
Location:Duluth Mn
Sex: Please
Weight:125 lbs
Height: 6'4''
Favorite song: Pachelbel's canon
Favorite movie: Too many
Favorite place to purchase panties:Victoria's secret all the way
Favorite colour (besides pink, of course!):Black, white
Favorite place to have sex:Beach
Vices (drinking, smoking, nymphomania, etc.): Nymphomania, drinking, dancing
College you attend/ are planning to attend:UMD
Describe yourself in 5 words: Weird, nerdy, tough, pink-Pantilicous, springy.

Please answer these important questions:
1. Do you enjoy strip clubs? Only when accompanied by my fav. trio of chicka's
2. If you saw a lonely cat at a gas station, what would you do? Take it home and give it milk, even if it didn't like me.
3. How many times a day do you masturbate? Usually, 5-6, but lately I've had to cut down due to the chafing.

Grrr NOT yay for managment of the panties!

Okay. Steve, I think that you have to "request" to me to be added to the members list, because it won't let me add you through community management. But I approved your membership! Yay! You got in our panties! :-)

I would just like to add that Mary Naked Time in PE was exceptionally enjoyable today. :-)
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