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Regarding rejected memberships...

To the people that have requested membership and were rejected...I just want you all to know, it's really nothing personal. It's just, the people that ARE in this community kick ass beyond reason, so our standards are high. Here are just a few things I'd like to address, for future hopeful members:

1. We do not accept people that have LJ accounts simply to join communities. That's not what it's about, man. Half the fun of communities is making new friends with fun, interesting journal entries to read.

2. We do not accept people whose journals are sad and depressed, because frankly, that brings us down, and the point of _pinkpanties_ is to make us happy and cheerful. That's what panties are for!

3. This is going to sound really mean, but deal with it: We do not accept hugely obese people, because the thought of them in pink panties makes us feel sick, and again, that's defeating the purpose of this community.

4. We DO accept relatively attractive (C'mon, it's not like you have to be a fucken model), fun, creative people that have good senses of humor and know how to have a good time. That's who we are and that's "our" kind of people.

That's all, really. We're bitches, but we're really nice, sweet bitches. I'm sure the other members would concur. The end!
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