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Pink Hearts Walk for Red

Go Pink Hearts!

Team Pink Hearts
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This community is for Team Members of 'Pink Hearts' - for the American Heart Association Heartwalk in Chicago. September 22nd 11am - 1:30pm in Grant Park. Please check out the registration info page HERE
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Click on the link above to go to the AHA home page.
Click Register, I Agree, Join a team, then enter Pink Hearts (by the second search button - not a company) and click search, .....and then click on join (at the box at the bottom part of the page)!

Please let me know if you have any questions/problems with the site!

Join us to help spread awareness and raise funds for the American Heart Association! Our team goal is 10 members and $1000 raised to support the American Heart Association! You can also join the team to make donations only.

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