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Cross My Heart

and Kiss My Elbows!

and Kiss My Elbows!
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All Members , Moderated
Memebership is now open to nayone. This does not mean that I will be an uninvolved mod. I will view all posts. Anyone being rude or offensive will be BANNED. I have no real rules, other than keep promo-ing to a minimum. I reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason(provided that it is not discriminitory).
COmplaints can be emailed to : superainbowbrite@aol.com

If you join, feel free to put this in your user info. And please join my icon community, Pink Icons!

If you don't know how...
1) open an account at photobucket.com
2)upload this picture(you have to save it on your comp)
3) Copy the TAG code into your info.
*Members that do not have this in their info after 2 warnings will be de-added. If you need help, ask me! I'll be glad to IM you and help.