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this looks cool.

i just joined. looks fun. i love pills. i've always had a fondness for takin some pills and getting out of my mind. no one ever had to know. until you open your mouth.
but anyway. like them much more than smoking, anyway. and snorting, that's just.. gross. fun, but gross.
anyway. my love is dxm. raise your hand if you're in love with Dexter as much as me. -nods-
Gotta love the dextrometh. it's the best thing since... well ever. nothing beats it.
besides dxm, i drink. i stopped smoking weed in january because i realized i don't even like it. all the people i loved smoking with left, and it's not fun with my stoner friends who just sit there. that's boring. so why do something yu don't enjoy and risk getting into deep shit with it(which it isn't even worth anyway)
i guess i'll do any kind of pill when i can get them. the best pill i've ever taken besides dxm is valium. holy shit that was awesome. also love vicodin. done oxies before that was verrry fun but, expensive and hard to come by around here. yep.. pretty much anything.
mostly just dxm. that just works out for me.
look forward to talking with everyone.
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