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stoner virgin.....kiinda


I just joined mainly because I have a few questions about hash that I’d like some answers to. I’d be forever grateful to whoever could help me out with this.

See, I can’t smoke ANYTHING at all, so every now and again I like to eat some, whether it is in yogurts or swallowed down with juice. I have only really started eating it lately and although I reeeeeeaaaaaly enjoy it I just have a few wee questions/queries/ponderings……

I never seem to really get ‘high’ as such; I don’t giggle much or anything. The main effect I get is my tingling/numbness in parts of the body and my thoughts leaping all over the place. Oh and of course the dreaded munchies! Yeah and then I tend to pass out pretty quick as well…..i just kinda need some tips/advice on how to get to that giggly/high stage and I need to stop passing out so quick as well!!!


My favorite method of eating it is in a yogurt. Thing is my boyf is pretty uptight about it and I don't like burning it while he’s in the house to smell it. Would it still be okay if I was to burn a big bit and maybe keep it somewhere cool and dry? It’d just be so much easier to burn it all in advance and have it there just as and when I need it.


Final thing, is it normal to get extremely horny while stoned? Or is that just me?!

Thanks sooo much in advance!


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