INSANE bitch (rollin_on_xtc) wrote in _pillmeup,
INSANE bitch

this community seems to be going nowhere...

here are some pics of me and my friends rolling like over a month ago! they are funny.

title or description Thats me and Andy.I look really bad and really goofy and really HAPPY!i dont remmeber take a pic with andy,but whatever.And i found out,it was rainning that night too so we were all wet!

title or description Me alexa and Critter....hahaha! i duno,my friend alexa looks really fucked up

title or description really bad pic of me but still funny!i hate this pic.

title or description all of us! stacy alexa me andy critter...hahahha!!!!

title or description awww alexa and critter! ^_^

title or description them again! totally fucked up.Everyone seem happy but Alexa,she just seems really fucked up or something

title or description andy...that shit hes drinkin is the best shit to drink on rolls!!! and the pic is totally crazy.Andy is in 2 times,if u cant tell.wen we got the pics back we saw it and it was so bug out!

title or description andy just chillin

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