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so, i got a month-long prescription to lunesta that i can change next month. its alright, deffinately nothing compared to k-pins, but the after taste is horrible. i knew that was a side effect but not to that extent, anyone know how to get rid of that taste until i get on a benzodiazepine.

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Took 10mg valium today but didn't really notice any effect. I'm planning to try 15-20mg tomorrow to see if that makes any difference. I have access to the following drugs: valium, seroquel, and hydrocodone. I'm wondering if anyone here can recommend any possible / good mixes with those?

Need some legal help...

Aright I've never had to deal with cops or courts before, but Saturday I got an MIP by consumpion, blowing .047, one mixed drink. So, I'm going to court Tuesday, and I'm kiiiinda freaking out. I'm pleading guilty, obviously, I'll be 21 in just 8 months, and I've never been in "trouble" before.
People are telling me they'll give me a piss test. I don't smoke weed often, because I don't like it... But I ended up smoking a little bit Friday night... and probably a little before that week... To top it off I did estacy last night, which MOST LIKELY isn't pure mdma. god knows what's in it. People tell me it'll all be out in about 3 days. Is it true? And i'm assuming there's probably coke, and some kind of meth in it. So when's all that junk getting out of my system?
I'm hoping they just give me a fat fine and let me go, because this is stupid.
And does anyone have any tips for cleaning our your system besides drink a crap load of water and redbulls and expensive detox drinks from the health food store... Or shouldn't I worry... Well I will worry..


so, i just joined.. and i'm just introducing myself.

i love manymanymany drugs, &i have a very special soft spot inside of me for pills♥♥♥

my favorite if i had to pick.. would be xanax :] but i'm def not discrimnating..


hi i just joined and i wanted to know if anyone could share their experiences with shrooms. i really want to try them for my birthday but i have heard a lot of different things about them. some people have told me that the trip is awesome and other people have said that just a little hit could fuck you up really bad. thanks guys!
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