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X-Men 3 - Totally anti-woman

Warning: Spoilers.

I saw X-men 3 this weekend and I was furious, furious, over the message in the film. If you're a woman with the strongest powers ever known, stronger than the strongest man (Magneto) then you must be controlled because that power is bad. It is dark, unconscious, dangerous. If it cannot be controlled by the men around you then you must be destroyed. You have no choice and no say in the matter. Don't even bother trying to control it yourself. You can't, you woman. You cannot even find harmony with your "darker" self. You just have to die at the hands of a man. How can the most powerful character be the weakest?

Where was Jean Grey's choice in the matter? She had none. Charles Xavier, the leader of the X-men, placed "conscious blocks" in Jean Grey's mind as a child, separating the feared, feminine, strong, primal part of her, controlling that part for Jean Grey. The X-men storyline, at least how the movies have presented it (I've barely read the comic books so I can't speak for them), has been one about accepting yourself for who you are, regardless of the discrimination and alienation. It's also been one about choice. How does this jive with what happened in this film when the most powerful X-men character is reduced to a mute, her powers menacing and in need of being controlled and dominated by men?

By far, this was the most anti-woman film I've seen in a long time. Along with this storyline another character, Rogue, who cannot touch others because she drains their energy, takes the "mutant cure" and becomes 100% human, just so she can keep her boyfriend and fulfill his sexual desire.

Talk about denegrating the feminine and giving the message that strength is unwelcomed in a woman, that we must give up our powers to fulfill a man's sexual desire, that our power is derived from dark and mysterious place that must be dominated by a man and ultimately feared and destroyed.

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I am doing a spring cleaning, and I'm trying to sell as much of my stuff as I can (I'm going to college next fall and need some extra $$) and I have a few books that I bought while on a whim that are related to reseach I was doing on Mary Magdelane.

I have
"Holy Blood, Holy Grail" by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln (Paperback)- paid $8, willing to take $4
"The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus" by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas (Hardcover) - paid $10, willing to take $5

I know Tori referenced Holy Blood, Holy Grail in Piece By Piece.
If you are interested in buying either of these leave a comment with your email or email me (Spacecakehigh@comcast.net). Shipping will probably only be a couple dollars anywhere in the US, i prefer paypal, but will take other forms of payment (just let me know!). Thanks!!
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I noticed while reading "Piece by Piece" that Tori invites and takes on archetypes, sometimes to deal with the music industry, to perform, to talk to her fans, etc. Did anyone else get that impression? What do you think about this? Is it like acting?

While I read Jung in college, I need to go and review the concept of archetypes (I'm almost ready to post the book list, btw).

Been wondering...HAD to ask.

Ok, so Tori is a Mary. Her name is a form of it, she kinda hinted that she was a Mary too. When it got to the chapter on the misscarriages. After the last one, she talked about how her and Mark didn't want a child. She mentioned that...they had given up, they weren't trying they wanted to concentrate on the work. One is left to believe that this means they weren't having sex. From how I read it, it was hinted that Tash was a miracle baby....Immacualte Conception Mary Trinity bells started ringing in my head when I read that. Did anyone get this impression? that she was hinting at that...because it just all fit...earlier she was discussing her Family name and then talking about them not trying and them magically finding out she was 11 weeks pregnant....help someone...tell me I read it wrong or something. I know she's not claiming immacualte conception but is this yet another thing to link her to the Marys?