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_picturesque__'s Journal

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All Members , Moderated
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1. Application must be under a lj cut.
2. You must be 14+ to join.
3. When you apply be aware that you are going to be critiqued 50/50 on your pictures and answers.
4. Please No drama. If you don’t like someones comment don’t fight with them. Your being Judged you will be critiqued as I said before..if you can‘t handle it than don‘t apply. If you do fight with a member you will be banned.
5. After 48 hours of joining the community you will need to post an application and 5 promotions.
6. Subject line for your Application should be I'm what your looking for
7. If you are Rejected you can re apply in 5 days.
8. Do not comment on any post until you are an accepted member!


1. Stay Active.
2. When posting, subject line should read Stampted//*what your posting* it’ll be easier for points.
3. Vote. (put your vote on subject line)
4. When you vote remember 50/50 you were voted that way, so vote for everyone else the same.
5. If you are unactive for 2 weeks without any notification (ex. On vacation, grounded…ect..) you will be removed from being a member. If your computer breaks or something and you wish to come back contact a Mod as soon as you see your not a member. (we’ll be checking your reg. Journal to see if you updated..If you did you will be banned for lying)
6. When promoting other communities do it under a lj-cut and promote us there as well we can always use more members=). **Place link of where you promoted us**
6. Have fun.


1. Keep in mind the applicant has 24 hours to get in votes. Vote as soon as you see the post.
2. Don’t forget 50/50
3. Don’t be rude.
4. Majority wins.
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looking for a new mod if your interested contact me by lj or aim..
aim: Vig0rous7y1nLove
livejournal: Summer_stars_29
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Don't use rich text! if you don't know how to post pictures ask!

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Promote+5 per link +10 if the person joins & is accepted
Text updates+5
inactive/hiatus notices+2
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coming soon
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coming soon
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if you'd like to be a sister community comment here