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Pictures Of You

Do You Got What It Takes?

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Hey guys! This is your maintainer, Ashe! This community was made by me so you can show off how darn sexy/cute/hott/fine/pretty you are! Once you are a member you are free to post MORE pictures of yourself. Yes, this is a rated community, but dont be discouraged!

How do I become a member?
Just fill out an application (which is at the bottom) and 3 (or more) pictures of your self. you will be given 4 days for the judges to say "yes" or "no" and then you will get a comment from me telling you if you were accepted or not. how are you accepted is easy? I count up all the votes and if the majority of members say "yes" then your in! read all the rules before applying, you never know, there may be some tricks in this application, MUWAHAHA!


~Plz do not use this community as another way to be stamped, do your part!
~You may promote another community as long as you promote this community in the same community that you're promoting. (yes, i will be checking)
~As the member you have the joy of telling ppl yes and no on if they will be accepted. Sadly, I dont want to hurt feelings on this community, so your comments to people trying out should be kept nice. If you do not feel as if someone should be in this community then say NO, but do not trash them. You can always suggest things like "i think your hair would look better down than up." Or something, but be nice about how you say it. Negative comments that are taken WAY out of hand will result in YOU being banned.
~I dont expect you to reply to ever application posted, but try to comment on as many as you can. remember: this is your community, make sure u like who is it in!
~Yes, this is a picture community, and you are welcomed to post as many pictures as you want (as long as they are under a LJ-cut)! But also feel free to post about a major event happening in your life! If you just got a new car, brag about it! If you just got dumped, ask for hugs and expect to get them. Of course dont use this as your journal, but communicate with the other members.
~Though your vote counts 99.5 percent on if a person is accepted or not, I can always over rule you. Why? because I am your lovely and talented maintainer and if i feel as if yall have wrongly said no, then sorry, THEY ARE GETTING IN ANYWAY! (but, im sure you are all very lovely and reasonable ppl, so i dont think i will need to do that)
~Be truthful on YOUR vote, if the majority of the community says "no" and you think they are hott as hell, then dont go on the opinions of the other members, say yes!


~You must be 13 or older to apply, if you are younger, try again in a year or two.
~As it says at the top, fill out the application at the bottom with three (or more) pictures of yourself.
~ have EVERYTHING under a LJ-cut. if you dont know what that is, look at the FAQ page.
~The members will be rating you, if they give you a NO plz be nice about it. The members know that they can take negative comments to only a certain level. If you feel as if a comment was out of hand, then post a comment under your own application saying so and I will see if I feel something should be done.
~after 4-7 days you will know if you are accepted or not, if there are no posts to your application then I shall be the judge on saying yes or no.
~you can only comment on other ppls posts AFTER you have been told by ME that you were accepted.
~For fav. object please... if its something nasty, keep that to yourself, heh, some examples are: Cd collection, guitar, radio, cell phone, computer, can of shoe polish. whatever you is your fav object that u us or like the most, it may have speical meaning, if so you can tell us about it, thats of course if u want to share.
~you dont have to answer the last question under basics.
~If you are not accepted then feel free to try again in 3 days with new pictures.
~NO NUDE PICTURES! Anyone who decides to break that rule will be reported.
~so that I know you have read all the rules, on the subject line of your application put "purple crayons" yes i know thats random.
~your application...

*6*most annoying thing u can think of that a person can do
*7*why your best friend is your best friend
*8*one thing you love about how you look
*9*Do you love me? me! the maintainer, Ashe :)

*11*class subject
*12*TV program

*12*Why do you think the judges should pick you?

*13*3 or more pictures of yourself.

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