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This is a community for people who enjoy playing the piano, enjoy piano music, have a profession playing the piano, have any questions about piano, would like to share or receive sheet music, interested or make piano art, composing, or just would like to meet others who play the piano.

Anyone is able to join. The only request is that upon joining, please post a membership application. After I approve new members to allow you to post entries, you must post your membership application within 48 hours of my approval. This is just to make sure you're sharing with us. We like that. =)

We share our talent in composing, playing pieces, and developing art through our applications. As members, we offer to give your our constructive critisism and our positive comments to help other members become better pianists and to celebrate together our talent. Or if you just want to share with us, thats great too! We'd love that!

Please join so we can offer to share with you the musical experience!

There is no tolerance for maltreating other members or spamming. If any of this happens, you can report it to the moderator if they haven't already noticed it.

If you have any quesions, feel free to contact divinechocolate by publishing a journal post or commenting.

If any sheet music is needed, feel free to post an entry for it! =)

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If you like to play the piano or like piano music... please join _pianissimo.... Click the pic to check it out...

If you like to play the piano or like piano music... please join _pianissimo.... Click the pic to check it out...

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