Romilda actually enjoyed potions. She was intrigued by the way they could make people behave. However, the assignment they'd been given this evening was proving to be the death of her.

On no less than three feet of parchment discuss the babbling potion in great detail and discuss three similiar brews.

She rolled her eyes as she looked through the pages of the text sprawled out in front of her on the library table. It wasn't that she didn't know the material it's just that there were so many similar potions she was having a hard time chosing which ones to summarize.

Suddenly, her boredom was interupted as someone pulled out the chair across from her.

Gryffindor Girls Night

Romilda, dressed in her pajamas, looked over at the of refreshments that had been set up on a table against one of the walls in the Gryffindor common room. She had told Dobby it was going to be a surprise party for Harry. She knew that elf would do anything if Harry was going to reap the reward. However, the snacks were for girls only.

She had a few editions of Young Witch lying around on the end table and had set up trays of make-up and hair bows. Now all that was left was to sit down and see who all came back down from the dorms after getting into their pajamas.


Fred sauntered down the hallway, his wand held loosely by his side. He didn't know why he was suddenly feeling depressed.

I need a bird... He thought and then sighed as he eyed his reflection in a glass window.

Or some sort of distraction He continued his stroll and often would toss him wand up and catch it with his other hand. He missed Quidditch and was overly worried about his family. He knew something had to be done to pull him out of this misery. But he wasn't sure what.

Just then, he heard a noise from behind him and turned around fast, wand held at the ready.

"Who's there?"

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It was odd that she hadn't seen Parvati in the past couple of days. Usually her sister would come up to her in the halls, and just start talking to her, about a hot guy she had seen that day or about some hair product that Padma had no clue about. But Padma wasn't worried. Her sister could take care of herself, after all, they were in their 7th Year and all. But it was still odd.

Stretching her arms out in front of her, she yawned. It was late in the morning and she was just getting up. Odd for her, since she was usually up and ready before most of her classmates. But it was a Sunday, and she felt like sleeping in. Taking her time, Padma got changed and pulled her hair back into a ponytail, and walked downstairs. There was hardly anyone in the common room, since it was a nice day out, they were probably outside or in the Great Hall. She grabbed the book she had left on the table the previous night and made her way downstairs, not expecting to see what was in front of her when she turned the cornor....

*Georgie Porgie*

Tonks rested her head back against the cool porcelain of the tub. The bubble bath she had run for herself was incredibly relaxing. There had been an exhausting meeting of the Order earlier that night, and Tonks was mentally drained. George had been unable to attend the meeting due to an unexpected rush of business at the store, and Fred had needed his help, so she was going to have to fill him in.
She sighed deeply and closed her eyes, only to feel a presence lurking over her moments later.
Lav 06

Dance like nobody's watching *Locked to Zabini*


Lav was in the Great Hall stretching. She hadn't danced all summer. Well... Except for the salsa lessons but recreationally that didn't count. So she flicked her wand at the radio and a song began to play.

I feel like I've been locked up tight
For a century of lonely nights
Waiting for someone to release me
You're licking your lips
And blowing kisses my way
But that don't mean I'm gonna give it away
Baby baby baby (baby, baby, baby)

And she began to dance, swaying her hips in the way she learned how this summer, unaware that someone was watching her.
Ant 01


Anthony sat on a rock out by the Quidditch Pitch. He had his Broom Repair Kit sprawled out in front of him and his new Cleansweep lay by his side. It was a rather windy Saturday afternoon and he could feel the Pitch calling out his name.

Ant... If you ride it, they will come... He laughed out loud and picked at a splinter on his right index finger.

"Who will come almighty Quidditch Pitch?" he asked to no one, or rather to the Pitch itself.

I don't know... He smiled and leaned forward to pick up his broom when he heard the rustle of leaves behind him. Turning, he found the most awkward of sights.

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Brushing some hair from her face, she sighed, sitting back down on the chair near the window in the common room. The people in the common room were starting to filter out as they hearded upstairs to sleep, study, or do whatever. But Ginny stayed where she was sitted. A Charms books laid near her feet but she ingored it, her eyes looking outside or at the fire. She had a pile of homework to complete, but right now, she just didn't feel like doing it. A rare sight to see, since Ginny had nearly stressed last year with homework.

She hadn't seen Colin the past few days, but it wasn't bothering her. She wasn't avoiding him, but it may seem that way to him, the way she just walked away whenever he came near her, or the way she ingored him in classes. But she wasn't doing it because she was mad. No, she wasn't mad. She just had other things one her mind, practically a person....

openn to anyone! =)

Tracey left the Slytherin Common Room rather late for breakfast. She was to busy trying to find her lipstick. She took almost 15 mintues trying to find it when it was on her side table drawer. She walked down the stairs to the Great Hall and took a look at her gold tinted watch. 10 mintues until Transfiguration.

I'll just grab some toast then she thought as she entered the Great Hall. She went to the Slytherin Table and grabbed 2 pieces of toast. She was about to leave the table when someone stopped her.