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Yo! I just joined this website today, so you know I hads to hit up any Pharrell community I could find and the was the first one. I love the icons on here! But if you're a fan of Pharrell, you really should peep out his brother, Cato Williams. He's a pro skater for the Cream Team which is arguably one of the best teams out there. Cato is hella sexy to me. He looks just like Pharrell only with dreads and slightly darker skin. Lmao, they have this Cream Team dvd out featured Cato wIlliams &&` its absolutely hilarious! There isn't much stuff about Cato on the net however. Your best bet is probably youtibe.
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WTF? Singles

heya im new

hey im new :)
ive recently been listening to pharrell's album and i really like it :)
"can i have it like that?" with gwen stefani was what made me buy the album (im obsessed with gwen)

can anyone give me some pointers on recognizing fake BBC/icecream gear on eBay? (im in australia, and its only in one melbourne store)
I think i want a hoodie and a t-shirt, not sure which ones yet, but i def dont want any fakes!


There's this N.E.R.D song...I think it's called "I Love You" and I can't seem to find it. I've only heard it once and one of the lines went something like this: "We'd go to the sun and never come back...because I love you girl..."

If you could send me the song, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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hey, i heard a song by pharrell on the radio last week. im not sure if its new, whether he's just featured on it.. so im not making this easy. its a pretty mellow song. and he's kind of whispering/talking/singing.. haha.. i cant exactly explain it. if anyone has any idea whatsoever what it might be please let me know! Thaaanks.