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Howdy Y'all

Hey all. I'm just posting.. to post. This community is so lively (sarcasm people, keep up). I gotta be honest with y'all. I've seen most of the submissions, and there isn't a lot of good, just a whole lotta bad. So if you truely love to write, PLEASE submit! Please! Use my lovely site ^_-

And to pass time, here's a favorite song of mine (lyrics-wise mostly):

Off The Hook - Barenaked Ladies

All around the room your things are placed
And next to you he fills the space
And so it seems your saving grace is only saving face
The pictures of the two of you on holiday, on honeymoon
You thought that he was wanting you,
But he was only wanting you to
Let him off the hook

He was your imaginary friend,
You were partners til the end
Then something bends, and then it breaks, your worst mistake
Accepting enemies on bended knees; a litany of tragedies,
You're vexed, it seems you're hexed and after sex he expects
You'll let him off the hook til
Something that you heard while you were sleeping left you
Shaken while he stirred. When you awaken you will
Make him eat his words right off the hook
Hook and line, every time

The credit card receipts, the dirty sheets
The souvenirs of men who cheat
It all makes sense - with each offense
You wanted to believe him
He could get away with murder one,
And you would clean the smoking gun
With every crime, you bought each line,
But not this time, you'll make him
Eat his words cause

Something that you heard while you were sleeping left you
Shaken while he stirred
When you awaken you will
Make him eat his, make him eat his
Words while he's alone,
Cause you won't be around and
From now on the phone stays off the hook
Hook and line, everytime
Hook and line, everytime


Shout out to Linda-chan down in Florida! You ARE a Phaeton member, even if you don't live here! -glomp-
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