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_pgoat_'s Journal

the Prettiest Girls of All Time
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A random collection of philosophical/ crazy/ drunken thoughts fromeastofbandwagon and maybe_not_, a couple of alcoholic, Infinite Jest-obsessed midwestern high school girls with a drug cartel in their school's pub office. We're like the marauders, only we can't make magical maps...or do anything magical, for that matter. Well, our talents for creative writing could be called magical...well at least Michelle's. Mostly for our purposes, watch the community if you feel like being entertained, enlightened...or if you feel like losing ten brain cells every time you read an entry.
akira kurosawa, aldous huxley, alejandro amenabar, alfred hitchcock, american football, anomie, aqua teen hunger force, art, art history, balenciaga, baseball, battle royale, being crazy, ben kweller, big band jazz, bollywood, brain game, bright eyes, cat power, catholicism, che guevarra, chocolate, cinema, coldplay, commander venus, communism, curry, damien rice, dance dance revolution, dante alighieri, dave matthews band, david byrne, ddr, desaparecidos, dolce & gabanna, donuts, doughnuts, edgar allen poe, engels, expressionism, family guy, federico fellini, field hockey, fooling around, football, francis ford coppola, franz ferdinand, futurama, gandhi, garage rock, george orwell, going postal, handsome boy modeling school, hello kitty, hinduism, hockey, holi, howie day, ice cream, ice hockey, india, indie, indie rock, infinite jest, interpol, john grisham, johnny cash, kafka, krzysztof kielowski, kundera, lacrosse, laughing, laughing like an idiot, led zeppelin, lenin, lenore, literature, louis vuitton, m. night shyamalan, marx, mencken, metric, michael moore, modest mouse, mopeds, music, neruda, orson welles, pedro almodóvar, philosophy, pink floyd, plath, poetry, poker, political philosophy, politics, pop art, post-punk, postmodernism, prada, pudding, queen, quentin tarantino, rachel's, ranier maria rilke, razorlight, revolution, ridley scott, rock'n'roll, roman dirge, roman polanski, rugby, salinger, sam raimi, saturday night live, sex and the city, shakespeare, sofia coppola, sports, stanley kubrick, steinbeck, stellastar, sulking, swing, taking back sunday, techno, that '70s show, the appleseed cast, the cure, the pillows, the postal service, the rolling stones, the seatbelts, the streets, the strokes, the vines, the who, tim burton, vanilla milkshakes, vera wang, von dutch, web design, weezer, white stripes, wiesel, wonder years, writing