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The Sort-of Weekly Guide to World Travel

You may or may not know this, but my dream in life is to roam the earth primarily via boats, public transportation and foot. I've been thinking about stuff I'd would have to do were I ever to realize this dream.

1) As Dr. Dre once said: "Hey, hey, hey, hey. Smoke weed everyday." On that note, I'd like to express my sincere desire to go to Amsterdam and get completely stoned.

Dutch name: Aliden DeJong

2) Get an Indian! Ride it to work! Ride it for fun! Indeed, I would like to go to India have a tryst or two with those lovely Indian boys. Ahhh, how I miss my gorgeous Indians. And chicken tikka.

Indian name: Saraswathi Desai

3) It's a fact that I've watched Moulin Rouge too many times. The only thing that I love more than Baz Luhrman, is the whole idea of bumming around Paris, eating fresh, wonderful food, drinking lots of red wine and sitting in front of my type writer sipping on absinthe.

Parisian name: Manon Fournier

4) If I were a rich girl I would certainly visit Tokyo and buy lots of harajuku clothes and ride around on a yellow vespa. I'd visit old teahouses and eat lots and lots of sushi. Mmmmm. Sushi.

Tokyo name: Natsuko Michiba
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