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come to jamaica

Never mind. It's just another dumb aim chatroom.

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Kuwisdelu: hola
StrawberryFiesta: this again?
Kuwisdelu: this again?
Kuwisdelu: what?
Kuwisdelu: hiiiii
Gelato Piccante: huh? hi
Kuwisdelu: haha
StrawberryFiesta: I decided I want a simple relationship
Gelato Piccante: i don't
Kuwisdelu: define simple?
Gelato Piccante: i want something more volatile
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Kuwisdelu: volatile?
Gelato Piccante: mmhmm
Gelato Piccante: i miss jack
Gelato Piccante: stupid rehab, stupid cambridge
Kuwisdelu: jack?
Gelato Piccante: mmhmm
Kuwisdelu: oh
StrawberryFiesta: I want a relationship where he doesn't feel like he's corrupting me, nor does he look down on me nor does he feel like I'm bad for him
Gelato Piccante: yeah
Kuwisdelu: i don't wish for things like that, i just know what i like when i find it
Kuwisdelu: and go on violent rampages when i dont
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Kuwisdelu: tonite was paaaaiinful
Kuwisdelu: fun but painful
Gelato Piccante: why?
Kuwisdelu: after my flute lesson i went to nick's house ya know and we worked on 'every endless night' a bit with william and neil and michelle he got u an awesome button you'll love it and then we had pizza and played some weird german card g
Kuwisdelu: ame and then we went to brebeuf which i stilll say is a dirty school and now i know it to play dodgeball and it was fun but i got hit in the balls twice and it was painful oh well
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Kuwisdelu: and tomory i get my other wisdom teeth taken out
Gelato Piccante: awww
Gelato Piccante: hmm
StrawberryFiesta: oh the drugs you'll get
Gelato Piccante: I officially proclaim this week to be RAV week
Kuwisdelu: rav week?
Gelato Piccante: Random Acts of Violence
Kuwisdelu: ah
Gelato Piccante: hahahahaha
Kuwisdelu: oh and rick was there too
Gelato Piccante: really?
Gelato Piccante: why?
Kuwisdelu: yea
Kuwisdelu: to play dodgeball
Gelato Piccante: wtfffff
Gelato Piccante: ahh
Gelato Piccante: i was gonna say....
Kuwisdelu: and rosiello
Gelato Piccante: NO musical talent
Kuwisdelu: haven't seen him in forever
Kuwisdelu: hahaha
Gelato Piccante: ahhh andre the giantttttt
Kuwisdelu: neither does neil except for sax but he plays anyway
Kuwisdelu: haha
Gelato Piccante: hahahaha
StrawberryFiesta: hahaha. neil has a hot voice though
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Kuwisdelu: my voice sounds different every time i talk
Gelato Piccante: it doesssssss
Gelato Piccante: i realized today that i like my singing voice
Gelato Piccante: i never used to
Kuwisdelu: so did i
Gelato Piccante: i sang in teh old band
Kuwisdelu: and william and i have horrible harmony
Gelato Piccante: the miami univ. arts newspaper said my voice was a mixture of natalie merchant and cat power...wtfever
StrawberryFiesta: hahahah
Kuwisdelu: he tried to sing it differently
Kuwisdelu: haha
StrawberryFiesta: william and I have good harmony
Gelato Piccante: and i can fix your harmony...i do that well
Kuwisdelu: i think we could have good harmony, william's and my voices just don't go together very well i think
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Kuwisdelu: michelle we have 3 guitars and no bass we need a bass help me
StrawberryFiesta: William keeps vaguely inviting me to jam with you boys but I never get anything concrete
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
StrawberryFiesta: He always makes me sing though >_<
Gelato Piccante: same w/kiwi for meeeeee
StrawberryFiesta: Everytime he has his guitar he's like "sing Wish You Were Here!"
Gelato Piccante: hahahaha
Gelato Piccante: ewww
Kuwisdelu: well i'll give u something concrete since these are my songs, come with me, and you too lanza i do not 'vaguely' invite you! i invite you and you can never come
Kuwisdelu: haha
Gelato Piccante: hahaha okkkk
Gelato Piccante: hmm gimme a copy of ur demo and i'll write you decent harmony
StrawberryFiesta: naahhh, free wing it like connor and emylou harris
Gelato Piccante: fine
Gelato Piccante: idc
Kuwisdelu: ahh well the harmony's fine on all of the songs it's just william
Kuwisdelu: and my
Kuwisdelu: voices don't go well together
Kuwisdelu: except for the end of 'let the sky'
StrawberryFiesta: william has a strange tone
Kuwisdelu: i'm still working on that harmony
Gelato Piccante: hahaha maybe your voice'll go better with my-uhn
StrawberryFiesta: it's very... brassy. rich.. but a little odd
Kuwisdelu: that's what i think
Gelato Piccante: wheeeee
StrawberryFiesta: and your voice is a bit... floatier. lighter. windy.
Gelato Piccante: yeah
Gelato Piccante: kyle's voice is waaaay different when he sings than when he talks
Kuwisdelu: haha
StrawberryFiesta: i think you and lanzaness have compatable voices actually
Gelato Piccante: wheeeee
Kuwisdelu: tom keeps telling me i shouldn't sing
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
StrawberryFiesta: HAHAHA.
Gelato Piccante: I'll fix youuuuuuuu
Kuwisdelu: haha yay
StrawberryFiesta: no, you can sing. but NICK shouldn't
Gelato Piccante: ahhhhh ewww
Kuwisdelu: let tom try to match the timing on 'shiver' or the chorus of 'every endless night'!
Kuwisdelu: mann shiver is hard to sing, the verses that is
Kuwisdelu: the chorus is easy
Gelato Piccante: hmm send me an mp3 of it
Gelato Piccante: and a copy of the lyrics
Gelato Piccante: and let me mess around
Gelato Piccante:
Kuwisdelu: i'll just give u the cd soooon
Gelato Piccante: okkk fineeeeeee
Kuwisdelu: and the booklet with all the lyrics
Gelato Piccante: hmm I'm writing a demo
Gelato Piccante:
Kuwisdelu: cool i wanna play on it
Gelato Piccante: wheeee
Gelato Piccante: ok maybeeeeeeee
Kuwisdelu: william said we'd probably sell more 'cos it had such an awesome insert booklet
Kuwisdelu: i'm proud of it
Gelato Piccante: yay
Kuwisdelu: all original drawings by me
StrawberryFiesta: awww. cute!
Gelato Piccante:
Gelato Piccante: like mike shinoda only a different minority
Gelato Piccante: hahahaha
Kuwisdelu: hahaha what?
StrawberryFiesta: ewww linkin park
Gelato Piccante: !!!!!
StrawberryFiesta: *barfs*
Gelato Piccante: STFU
Kuwisdelu: hahaha
Gelato Piccante: they're fuckin ok man
StrawberryFiesta: mike shinoda's hot, but they're songs all sound the same
Gelato Piccante: true...
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Kuwisdelu: i dont think any of my songs sound anything remotely like any of the other ones hehe
Kuwisdelu: but that's just me
Kuwisdelu: i could be wrong
Gelato Piccante: well I'm the best drummer in the fucking midwest so I'm always right
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
StrawberryFiesta: well... I'm probably the only female bassist who can also sing in Indianapolis. so ha!
Gelato Piccante: mnss
StrawberryFiesta: I'm like Kim Deal!
Kuwisdelu: well i'm just awesome so ha! hah! and once again: hah!
Gelato Piccante: !!!!! <333333
Gelato Piccante: where is my mindddddddddddd
StrawberryFiesta: I can sing like Kim Deal too.
Kuwisdelu: michelle i'm torn what should i do how should i decide who drums on what tracks?
StrawberryFiesta: And Karen O. I do a mean Karen O.
Gelato Piccante: yeahhh i could see that
Gelato Piccante:
StrawberryFiesta: hmmm... give nick the easy ones
Kuwisdelu: i don't know which are the easy ones...
Kuwisdelu: yet
Gelato Piccante: let us both try and pick whichever style works better for that particular song
Kuwisdelu: oh michelle did i actually tell u i finished the demo? did u figure that out yet?
StrawberryFiesta: I'm not psychic!
StrawberryFiesta: but yay!~
Gelato Piccante: hahahaha
Kuwisdelu: no, but i mentioned the cd and the album art and stuff so i dunno
Kuwisdelu: hmm i want you to give me a beat for every endless night, nick tried something and it worked for the chorus but what he had for the verse wasn't what i had in mind
Gelato Piccante: ok i need to hear this stuffffff
Kuwisdelu: oh, and 'watching the stars fall' really needs help, maybe some keyboards too, but it really needs a good beat it just doens't feel right now
Gelato Piccante: hmm i can write keyboards
Gelato Piccante: not the best at playing them but i can if it's necessary
StrawberryFiesta: multitalentted
Kuwisdelu: william played piano for every endless night today, and it was strange
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
StrawberryFiesta: don't let will near the piano
StrawberryFiesta: he's crazy!
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Gelato Piccante: dude
Kuwisdelu: he was struggling with the simple part but he was ok when he tried to complicate it
StrawberryFiesta: tell him to stick to his bloody saxamaphone
Gelato Piccante: I have issues with writing decent melodies
Kuwisdelu: haha
Gelato Piccante: >_<
StrawberryFiesta: I have issues. In general.
Gelato Piccante: if i get a good melody i can write kick-ass lyrics
Gelato Piccante: but i don't have any good melodies
Gelato Piccante: all my influences have AMAZING melodies
StrawberryFiesta: I can't write lyrics too well.
Gelato Piccante: but by comparison I'm teh suxorz
StrawberryFiesta: >_<
Gelato Piccante: you write melodies, i write lyrics, we have songs
Gelato Piccante: eh?
Gelato Piccante: yeahhhh
StrawberryFiesta: you'd think the prelude winner could write fucking song lyrics
Kuwisdelu: haha
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Gelato Piccante: why's mnss so fucking talented. they're from fucking naptown. no fair.
Kuwisdelu: mnss?
Kuwisdelu: oh
Gelato Piccante: margot and the nuclear so and so's
Kuwisdelu: i figured it out
StrawberryFiesta: i wanna see 'em live
Gelato Piccante:
Gelato Piccante: yeah me too
Gelato Piccante: i'll see when they play the patio next
Gelato Piccante: i've snuck in many a time
StrawberryFiesta: hot
Gelato Piccante: mmhmm
Gelato Piccante: the bouncer's stoned
StrawberryFiesta: of course!
Kuwisdelu: i just need people that can play
Gelato Piccante: SHIT
Kuwisdelu: ??
Gelato Piccante: they just played Jazz Kitchen
Gelato Piccante: on the 22nd
StrawberryFiesta: >_<
Gelato Piccante: and the patio the 23rd
Kuwisdelu: haha
Gelato Piccante: then they go out of state
Gelato Piccante: hmm maybe after september they'll be back
StrawberryFiesta: we'll see 'em for sure
Kuwisdelu: why are so many of the good parts way too short and the bad parts seem to drag on and on?
Gelato Piccante: hahaha that's how it always is
Kuwisdelu: my logic for keeping some of my favorite parts shorter was leave em wanting more and jam it out longer live, but why did some of the bad parts end up being longer?
Gelato Piccante: idkkkkk
Gelato Piccante: always does
StrawberryFiesta: er. it's fate.
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Kuwisdelu: at least it doesn't seem like my songs are too tight, we have plenty of spots to expand and jam live
Gelato Piccante: yay
Gelato Piccante: i wanna make myself a fan site
Gelato Piccante: about myself
Gelato Piccante: hahahahahahaha
Kuwisdelu: hahahah!
Kuwisdelu: can i join?!
Gelato Piccante: sure!
Kuwisdelu: yay!
Kuwisdelu: i'm a big fan of teh lanza!
Gelato Piccante: wheeee
Kuwisdelu: did yall getchyur schedules?
StrawberryFiesta: I'll join too
StrawberryFiesta: YEP
Gelato Piccante: yup
Gelato Piccante: on lj
StrawberryFiesta: mine tooooo
Kuwisdelu: aww micheel doesn't have lunch with us
Gelato Piccante: *cries*
StrawberryFiesta: ARRRRRGBH
StrawberryFiesta: dammmit
Gelato Piccante: what's your schedule kiwi?
StrawberryFiesta: fucking maths
Kuwisdelu: 1 chem(ap?) 2 free/chem 3 eng+ 4 calc(?) 5 band 6 nonwest 7 lunch 8 intro to cs 9 latin ii
Kuwisdelu: chem first thing... *shoots self*
Gelato Piccante: yeah if there's 3 labs it's ap
Kuwisdelu: yea but i haven't taken the test yet
Kuwisdelu: so i dunno yet
Gelato Piccante: rar
Kuwisdelu: if i fail i get the normal chem class at the same time
Kuwisdelu: wow i have my free periods at exactly the same time as last year
Gelato Piccante: hahaha i have noneeeeeee
Kuwisdelu: and my locker combination is the same.. is that supposed to happen?
Kuwisdelu: i only have 2
Gelato Piccante: i got a new lockerrrrrrrrr!
StrawberryFiesta: I have 7 frees!
StrawberryFiesta: 10 second semester
Kuwisdelu: holy crap alex let's kill her
StrawberryFiesta: senior!!!!!!
Kuwisdelu: dammit
Kuwisdelu: haha
Gelato Piccante: hahahaha
StrawberryFiesta: W000000t
Gelato Piccante: where's locker 520?
StrawberryFiesta: i deserve it, h0rs
StrawberryFiesta: no idea
Gelato Piccante: near kivvie?
Kuwisdelu: 24 away from 496?
StrawberryFiesta: lol
Gelato Piccante: which is....?
Kuwisdelu: mine
Gelato Piccante: ahh so i am near kivvie
Gelato Piccante: shiesse
Kuwisdelu: yep
StrawberryFiesta: lol. maybe matt lipshaws locker will still be OPEN
StrawberryFiesta: lol
StrawberryFiesta: besides. the pub is your locker now
Kuwisdelu: mine toooo
Kuwisdelu: i remember 2nd quarter freshman year when i had 10 frees too...
StrawberryFiesta: i'm so psyched
StrawberryFiesta: SENIOR!!!!@
StrawberryFiesta: jesus. i can't believe how old i am.
Gelato Piccante: whee we all have the same homeroommmmm
StrawberryFiesta: <3 <3 <3
Kuwisdelu: wat'd she say?
Gelato Piccante: hmm?
StrawberryFiesta: huh?
Kuwisdelu: wat'd michelle say?
Kuwisdelu: i dont see anything
Gelato Piccante: <3<3<3
Kuwisdelu: ah
Kuwisdelu: i can't breeaathe
Gelato Piccante: why?
Kuwisdelu: hiccuuups
Gelato Piccante: aww
Kuwisdelu: the three of us need to get together this weekend
StrawberryFiesta: I wont be homeee
Kuwisdelu: before soccer officially starts
Kuwisdelu: awwww
Kuwisdelu: why noooooot??
Kuwisdelu: !
Kuwisdelu: huh huh huh?
Kuwisdelu: too goooood for us???
StrawberryFiesta: i'm still in michigan whore
StrawberryFiesta: not on my own volition
Kuwisdelu: oh yea
Kuwisdelu: i'm used to zuni...
StrawberryFiesta: lol
Gelato Piccante: aww
Kuwisdelu: where u need to drive an hour to get to a computer
Gelato Piccante: and i hafta workkkk
Kuwisdelu: and i'll be bleeeding
Gelato Piccante: aww
Kuwisdelu: and i needa study meh
Kuwisdelu: alex help me with chem
Gelato Piccante: i got a C
StrawberryFiesta: no, guys. we have to get together at least once before school starts. or else.
StrawberryFiesta: I got a C too!
StrawberryFiesta: YEEEAAH!
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Gelato Piccante: my partayyyyy
Kuwisdelu: how'd u do on the final?
Gelato Piccante: friday before school
Gelato Piccante: umm A-
StrawberryFiesta: A-
StrawberryFiesta: hahaha
Gelato Piccante: duuuuuuude
Kuwisdelu: ok then u can still help me
Kuwisdelu: hahaha
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Kuwisdelu: i just needa get above a C haha
StrawberryFiesta: lanza. I'm giving you my lab book for bio. i didn't do well on most of them, but it may help you
Gelato Piccante: yes thank you!
Gelato Piccante: andy marra hid his in the room for those in need as well
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Kuwisdelu: ahh i still can't breathe
Gelato Piccante: haha
Kuwisdelu: i think i might need mouth to mouth
Kuwisdelu: help me!
Gelato Piccante: did she stick her tongue in?
Kuwisdelu: haha
Kuwisdelu: but help meee!
Kuwisdelu: caaan't... breatheee.... help!
Kuwisdelu: you'd let me die wouldn't you
Kuwisdelu: -_-
Kuwisdelu: meh
StrawberryFiesta: lol
StrawberryFiesta: poor kb
Gelato Piccante: hahaha awwww
Kuwisdelu: didn't work eh?
StrawberryFiesta: nope
StrawberryFiesta: slut
Gelato Piccante: sorry i was occupado
Gelato Piccante: what didn't work?
Kuwisdelu: haha
Gelato Piccante: ???????
Kuwisdelu: hahaha
StrawberryFiesta: kyle died
Kuwisdelu: x_x
StrawberryFiesta: he tried to get mouth-to-mouth but nobody cared
Gelato Piccante: hahaha he just wanted to make out with us
StrawberryFiesta: you
StrawberryFiesta: lol
Kuwisdelu: she figured it out!
Gelato Piccante: you toooo
Gelato Piccante: right kyle/
Gelato Piccante: ?
Kuwisdelu: don't tell me you missed the Kuwisdelu (11:49:41 PM): she figured it out!
Kuwisdelu: -_-
Gelato Piccante: i didn;ttttttttt
Kuwisdelu: but i was having trouble breathing
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Kuwisdelu: it still might help...
StrawberryFiesta: hahahhahahaha
Gelato Piccante: hahahahahahaha
StrawberryFiesta: *dies*
Gelato Piccante: ?
Kuwisdelu: nooo!
StrawberryFiesta: idk
Kuwisdelu: i'll save you!
StrawberryFiesta: errrrrrr
Kuwisdelu: haha
Gelato Piccante: hahahaha
Kuwisdelu: you asked for it!
StrawberryFiesta: not explicitly
Gelato Piccante: hahaha "Are you a JEW?"
StrawberryFiesta: I never said:
StrawberryFiesta: HAHAHAHAHHA
StrawberryFiesta: YES!
Kuwisdelu: i'm zuni
StrawberryFiesta: I AM A J00
Gelato Piccante: hahahahahahaha
Kuwisdelu: and polish
Kuwisdelu: and german
Kuwisdelu: well... german-polish
Kuwisdelu: we lived in the part of poland that kept getting taken over hahaha
Gelato Piccante: no kyle
Gelato Piccante:
Kuwisdelu: ah
Gelato Piccante: hahahahaha
Kuwisdelu: sorry i'm so ashamed i'm not up to date
Gelato Piccante: hahaha idc
StrawberryFiesta: kyle's LAME
Kuwisdelu: some random mexican came up to me at the mall in gallup and asked me if i could give him a ride anyway
Gelato Piccante: HAHAHA
Kuwisdelu: *anywhere
Kuwisdelu: because it must have been obvious that i had a car
Kuwisdelu: and was just waiting to drive people places
Gelato Piccante: hahahaha
Kuwisdelu: so then he asked me if i had any change i could lend him
StrawberryFiesta: btw, kyle... broom closet of a mosque?
StrawberryFiesta: i want the whole story
Kuwisdelu: he looked like the kind that'd just spend it on cigarettes instead of actually gettin anywhere
Kuwisdelu: so i said no i spent all of it... and i looked at the cd in my bag... 'i always carry exact change....'
Kuwisdelu: and he says oh
Kuwisdelu: well could you spare a cigarette then?
StrawberryFiesta: no more about mexicans
Kuwisdelu: oh umm...
Kuwisdelu: nothing
StrawberryFiesta: you've got some splaining to do
Kuwisdelu: i'm not sure if he was mexican
Kuwisdelu: it was gallup so he mighta been a dirty apache or navajo or something
Kuwisdelu: damn apache....
Kuwisdelu: and the navajo
Kuwisdelu: only good for herding out sheep
Kuwisdelu: y'know?
StrawberryFiesta: as long as you don't hate on the lenni lanape, I'm down
Kuwisdelu: yep
Kuwisdelu: nah the apache and navajo are just our long-time enemies
Kuwisdelu: hmm the hopi are also rather useless
Kuwisdelu: whenever u hear about something hopy
Kuwisdelu: *hopu
Kuwisdelu: *hopi
Kuwisdelu: it's actually zuni
Kuwisdelu: they take credit for everything we do
Kuwisdelu: it's annoying
StrawberryFiesta: really? hmm.
StrawberryFiesta: i didn't know that
Kuwisdelu: well not always, but very often
Kuwisdelu: hey
Kuwisdelu: !
StrawberryFiesta: !
StrawberryFiesta: ?
Kuwisdelu: lanzar
Kuwisdelu: left
Kuwisdelu: us
StrawberryFiesta: where's she?!?!!?!
Kuwisdelu: i dunooooo
Kuwisdelu: hmmm
StrawberryFiesta: i think she died
Kuwisdelu: mann that shoulda worked
Kuwisdelu: i still can't breathe
StrawberryFiesta: psh
Kuwisdelu: really!
StrawberryFiesta: why can't you breathe?
Kuwisdelu: hiccups
Kuwisdelu: and lanza
Kuwisdelu: she took my breath away
Kuwisdelu: obviously
StrawberryFiesta: you big sap!
Kuwisdelu: hahaha
StrawberryFiesta: you're gonna make me barf!
Gelato Piccante: hahahaha
Kuwisdelu: hahahaha i just thought it'd be amusing if she came in and she saw that and got all confused about what we were talking about
Kuwisdelu: nah lanza couldn't even take my wallet
Gelato Piccante: why is it that as soon as my compy died isa signed off?
Kuwisdelu: ah so he has blocked me again
StrawberryFiesta: because he didn't want to be online if you were offlines
StrawberryFiesta: -s
Kuwisdelu: and you called me the sap?
Kuwisdelu: oy
StrawberryFiesta: oy what? i'm bein' honest
Kuwisdelu: haha
Gelato Piccante: whyyyyyyyyy?
Kuwisdelu: why what?
Gelato Piccante: [00:04] strawberryfiesta: because he didn't want to be online if you were offlines
Gelato Piccante: ?
Kuwisdelu: because he loooooves you
Gelato Piccante: nooooooo
Kuwisdelu: i win!
Gelato Piccante: STFU ALL
Kuwisdelu: *wim!
StrawberryFiesta: with the exact same number of o's
Kuwisdelu: hahahahaha
Kuwisdelu: wow
Kuwisdelu: we're psychic!
StrawberryFiesta: creeeepy
Kuwisdelu: obviously we were meant for each other!
StrawberryFiesta: psycho*
Kuwisdelu: lets run away and get married and make babies!
StrawberryFiesta: okay!
Gelato Piccante: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Kuwisdelu: wheeeeee
Kuwisdelu: byebye lanza cya sooon
StrawberryFiesta: commas
Kuwisdelu: comas!
Gelato Piccante: ahhhh
StrawberryFiesta: come-a
Gelato Piccante: ........
Gelato Piccante: what about meeeeeeeeeee?
StrawberryFiesta: cum-a
StrawberryFiesta: ahhh
StrawberryFiesta: cum
StrawberryFiesta: sex
Kuwisdelu: mmm you can cum tooo
Gelato Piccante: hahahahahahahaha
Kuwisdelu: if u wanna
Gelato Piccante: sex
StrawberryFiesta: SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX
Gelato Piccante: god im sixteen and still a virgin
Gelato Piccante: what's wrong with me?
StrawberryFiesta: I'm seventeen!
StrawberryFiesta: I'm more virginal than you
Gelato Piccante: trueeeeeeee
Gelato Piccante: but still
Gelato Piccante: hmm i need to have sex
Gelato Piccante: hahahahaha
Kuwisdelu: hi!
Kuwisdelu: did i introduce myself?
StrawberryFiesta: i need to have sex too.
StrawberryFiesta: i should have sex with....
Gelato Piccante: hey michelle.........
StrawberryFiesta: hahaha
Gelato Piccante: hahahahahahaha
StrawberryFiesta: not lesbian sex. i need a mannnn. no offense.
Kuwisdelu: hello!
Gelato Piccante: me too
Gelato Piccante: according to reshma kyle had sex
Kuwisdelu: with who?
Gelato Piccante: probably with ariadne
StrawberryFiesta: DUDE... i've been having weird dreams lately
Kuwisdelu: no
Gelato Piccante: me too!
StrawberryFiesta: kyle and I had sex
Gelato Piccante: !!!!!!!!
Kuwisdelu: haha
Kuwisdelu: i need dreams!
StrawberryFiesta: jk
Kuwisdelu: i haven't dreamt forever
Gelato Piccante: explica sus suenos
StrawberryFiesta: I've had three strange dreams lately
Gelato Piccante: telllll
StrawberryFiesta: 1) i'm back at NU and there's a party going on and I go see it and my mom's there and she gets mad at me
StrawberryFiesta: and she's like "you've been hanging around with this trash?"
StrawberryFiesta: and I'm like :W
StrawberryFiesta: WTF?
Kuwisdelu: awww i woulda loved it if you screamed W!
StrawberryFiesta: and then she shows me a newspaper and victor got arrested
StrawberryFiesta: okay... numero 2
Gelato Piccante: HAHAHA
StrawberryFiesta: I really don't remember too much of the details, but we're all in the pub
StrawberryFiesta: and this guy is hitting on me like crazy
StrawberryFiesta: and I'm like "go away"
StrawberryFiesta: and then I realize who he is...
StrawberryFiesta: (GUESS)
Gelato Piccante: AUGH!
Kuwisdelu: ummummmummm
StrawberryFiesta: you'll never get it
Gelato Piccante: markkkkkkkkkkkk
StrawberryFiesta: it's so funny/gross
Gelato Piccante: eww
Gelato Piccante: eww
Gelato Piccante: eww
Gelato Piccante: eww
Gelato Piccante: eww
StrawberryFiesta: Fletcher!!!!
Gelato Piccante: eww
StrawberryFiesta: HAHAHAH
Gelato Piccante: oh
Kuwisdelu: hahahahahah
StrawberryFiesta: and I'm like "the hell, jew?
Kuwisdelu: hey she left!
Kuwisdelu: haha
StrawberryFiesta: her comp died
Kuwisdelu: mar
StrawberryFiesta: okay she's backkkk...
Kuwisdelu: or not?
Kuwisdelu: or so
Gelato Piccante: ahh wtf
Kuwisdelu: we were just talking about you
Gelato Piccante: pshh
Kuwisdelu: noooo! kyle!
Kuwisdelu: dad!!!!
StrawberryFiesta: hahaha
Kuwisdelu: yay i'm saved!
StrawberryFiesta: dream 3
StrawberryFiesta: I'm pregnant
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Kuwisdelu: whose?
StrawberryFiesta: ben
Gelato Piccante: hahahaha
Kuwisdelu: ben who?
StrawberryFiesta: and I was like "we shouldn't have slept together!"
Gelato Piccante: hahahahahahaha
StrawberryFiesta: it was so strange
Kuwisdelu: humm
StrawberryFiesta: so... any dream interp?
Kuwisdelu: hmm
Gelato Piccante: umm idk
Gelato Piccante: you;re just wierd
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
StrawberryFiesta: i already knew that
Kuwisdelu: haha
StrawberryFiesta: something weird happened between jeff swhier and michayla but i don't know what
StrawberryFiesta: but i do know she hates him now
Kuwisdelu: aww
Gelato Piccante: hahaha wth
StrawberryFiesta: and he's talking to me... and I'm really tempted to ask him
Gelato Piccante: ask!
Kuwisdelu: hmm
StrawberryFiesta: nah.. i'll ask in person. i think I might meet him for lunch.
Gelato Piccante: cool!
Gelato Piccante: why do i have such a bad-boy fetish?
Gelato Piccante: argh
StrawberryFiesta: me tooooo!
Kuwisdelu: because you're stupid
Gelato Piccante: hahahahaha
StrawberryFiesta: good point
StrawberryFiesta: you are retarded
Gelato Piccante: i am?
Kuwisdelu: yes
StrawberryFiesta: yep
StrawberryFiesta: just like cindy
StrawberryFiesta: you guys are retards
Gelato Piccante: how so?
Kuwisdelu: u just are
StrawberryFiesta: ahha... we're just kidding
Gelato Piccante: hahahaha
Kuwisdelu: what makes u so sure i'm kidding?
StrawberryFiesta: because........ you're never serious
StrawberryFiesta: unless you're being all sappy and poetic
StrawberryFiesta: >___< hitting on me!
Kuwisdelu: u know i was really hoping the airport was handing out free lighters until realizing they were all under a sign that said 'no lighters beyond this point'
Gelato Piccante: ahh wtf i just got proposed tooooooo
Kuwisdelu: by who??
Gelato Piccante: jackkkk
Kuwisdelu: hey i proposed to michelle!
Gelato Piccante: stupid cokehead
StrawberryFiesta: ahh wtf... people hitting on me
Gelato Piccante: who?
Kuwisdelu: me of course
StrawberryFiesta: StrawberryFiesta: you got a 5 on everything else though SWHIERS: well... yeha but.. I bribed the graders
StrawberryFiesta: StrawberryFiesta: with sexual favors? SWHIERS: I wish... always wanted to try that... maybe you could help me out
Kuwisdelu: nick might hit on you, he was asking about you haha
StrawberryFiesta: >_______<
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
StrawberryFiesta: nick was askin' bout who?
Kuwisdelu: u
Gelato Piccante: you
Gelato Piccante: duhhhhh
Kuwisdelu: he already knows alex
StrawberryFiesta: nick is my love slave, yo
Gelato Piccante: i haven't seen him in forever though
Gelato Piccante: you know what guys?
Kuwisdelu: what?
Gelato Piccante: reshma's right for once
Kuwisdelu: about?
Gelato Piccante: I DO need a boyfriend
Gelato Piccante: >_<
Kuwisdelu: she was right once before
Kuwisdelu: about a similar matter
Gelato Piccante: oh?
Gelato Piccante: explain
StrawberryFiesta: about kyle having sex
Kuwisdelu: obviously
StrawberryFiesta: hahaha
Gelato Piccante: no really
Kuwisdelu: remember how she thought i liked alex haha!
Kuwisdelu: what a moron!
StrawberryFiesta: hahahahaha
Gelato Piccante: ohhhhhh
Gelato Piccante: i've never understood your feelings for me.
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Kuwisdelu: never understood them or never understood the reasons for them?
Gelato Piccante: noth
Gelato Piccante: *both
Gelato Piccante: ahh
Gelato Piccante: stupid keyboard
Gelato Piccante: doesn't help it's dark in here
Kuwisdelu: i'd never quite understood yours either
Gelato Piccante: my feelings for myself/
StrawberryFiesta: heh
Kuwisdelu: haha
Kuwisdelu: that too
Kuwisdelu: actually
Gelato Piccante: hahaha it's a love-hate relationship
StrawberryFiesta: wtf? i see no hate
Gelato Piccante: of myself/
Gelato Piccante: /
Gelato Piccante: ?
StrawberryFiesta: hahaha
Kuwisdelu: i hate alex
Kuwisdelu: that dirty pollack
StrawberryFiesta: oh. i thought you b/n you and kb.
Gelato Piccante: nooooo
Kuwisdelu: she hates me too
StrawberryFiesta: awwww
Gelato Piccante: hahaha of course
Kuwisdelu: you realize someday i will become more powerful than you and then i shall finally vanquish you in a giant explosive climax
StrawberryFiesta: hahahah
StrawberryFiesta: so sexual
Gelato Piccante: raaaaaaaaaape!
Kuwisdelu: to the contrary not at all
Gelato Piccante: ahh isa save meeeeeeeeeeeeee1
Gelato Piccante: meh/
Gelato Piccante: ?
Kuwisdelu: oy lordy running to isa to save you from me raping you what the heck?
Gelato Piccante: he has a GIRLFRIEND!
Gelato Piccante: and doesn't LIKE ME like you do!
Gelato Piccante: hahahaha
StrawberryFiesta: psh... riiight
Kuwisdelu: and u think i'd rape you?
Kuwisdelu: and waht michelle said?
Gelato Piccante: haha idk
Kuwisdelu: oy
Gelato Piccante: hmm?
Kuwisdelu: but i will defeat you
Gelato Piccante: oh?
Gelato Piccante: how so?
StrawberryFiesta: Michelle is hot.
Kuwisdelu: and there'll be lots of fire and special effects and stuff
Kuwisdelu: michelle is hot
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Gelato Piccante: Lanza's hotter.
StrawberryFiesta: Kyle's the hottest
Kuwisdelu: and we should sell our conversations on ebay
StrawberryFiesta: hahahahahahahhahahaha
Gelato Piccante: hahahahahaha
StrawberryFiesta: who'd buy them... besides Nick Huster
Gelato Piccante: augh
Kuwisdelu: perverts
Gelato Piccante: but really our genius must be known to the world
StrawberryFiesta: I said BESIDES Nick Huster
Kuwisdelu: isa and chacho probably would
Kuwisdelu: and cindy
StrawberryFiesta: And your mom
Gelato Piccante: hey we now have a on drums, michelle on bass, kiwi on guitar...HELLO
Kuwisdelu: a bunch of asians probably wuould
Kuwisdelu: we'd probably be hot in nippon
Gelato Piccante: def.
Kuwisdelu: we needa get together
StrawberryFiesta: heh
StrawberryFiesta: fo' rizzle
Gelato Piccante: wheeeee
Kuwisdelu: dude i'm gonna end up having a different name on every album i'm on....
Kuwisdelu: that'd be crazy
Kuwisdelu: sort of entertaining tho
StrawberryFiesta: my brother thinks you're last name is hilarious
Kuwisdelu: my last name is hilarious
StrawberryFiesta: your*
Gelato Piccante: BEMISSSSSSSSS
StrawberryFiesta: hehehe
Kuwisdelu: if i get a fanbase they'll all be trying to figure out what band name i'll release my next album under haha
Gelato Piccante: hahahaha
Kuwisdelu: i want to make a neuron
StrawberryFiesta: I want to be Jesus
Gelato Piccante: i want to have SEX
Gelato Piccante: hahahahahahaha
Kuwisdelu: me too
StrawberryFiesta: me too
Kuwisdelu: but not with you you'd think it's rape >_<
StrawberryFiesta: I don't have anyone to sleep with though.
Kuwisdelu: you disgust me don't talk to me anymore!
Gelato Piccante: sameeeeeeeee
Gelato Piccante: ahhhh hahahaha
StrawberryFiesta: I would've slept with Victor.
StrawberryFiesta: Who wouldn't?>
Gelato Piccante: hotttttttttt
StrawberryFiesta: hot, badass, intelligent, tought exterior but really a nice guy deep down
StrawberryFiesta: tough*
StrawberryFiesta: damn
Gelato Piccante: so hot
StrawberryFiesta: guys like him don't come around often
Gelato Piccante: yeahhhh
Gelato Piccante: or in my case, ever
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
StrawberryFiesta: haha. when I do meet guys like him they always want to just be friends anyway so it doesn't matter
Gelato Piccante: the best i can find is a 19-year-old cocaine addict who happens to look like trent ford with dark curly hair and is a wizard with a guitar
Gelato Piccante: but he lives too far away
StrawberryFiesta: sisterfucker
Gelato Piccante: and our relationship's far too complicated
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
Gelato Piccante: ridick dangerous physical fights
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
StrawberryFiesta: jack sounds hot.
Gelato Piccante: he is
Gelato Piccante: ^_^
StrawberryFiesta: i love that name.
Gelato Piccante: hahaha he seriously wants me to marry him and move to england
Gelato Piccante: i wish
StrawberryFiesta: i don't marry a guy named jack I'll name my first son jack
StrawberryFiesta: or holden
StrawberryFiesta: haven't decided yet
Gelato Piccante: whee
Gelato Piccante: but jack's definitely the best kisser ever, lol
StrawberryFiesta: hot.
Gelato Piccante: even though our relationship is mutually abusive
Gelato Piccante: that makes it hotter, lol
StrawberryFiesta: make-up sex
Gelato Piccante: not really
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
StrawberryFiesta: victor had a really long tongue...
StrawberryFiesta: oh my god... so hot
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
StrawberryFiesta: he used to try to freak me out during class by licking the tip of his nose
Gelato Piccante: hahahahahaha
StrawberryFiesta: he was weird though.
Gelato Piccante: that's hotttt
StrawberryFiesta: he had lots of strange interests
StrawberryFiesta: he was interested in cannibalism, I remember. serial killers, vampires, the occult, arson.
Kuwisdelu: i like serial killers
StrawberryFiesta: he sang or muttered under his breath a lot
Gelato Piccante: hahahaha
Gelato Piccante: hottttt
Kuwisdelu: hah i do that
StrawberryFiesta: he asked to read my research paper with keen interest
StrawberryFiesta: he lit things on fire a lot
StrawberryFiesta: he drank vodka straight. his dad is a biochemistry professor at NU. he can't spell to save his life
Gelato Piccante: hahaha
StrawberryFiesta: he draws really well
Kuwisdelu: is it weird that people who light things on fire often annoy me?
StrawberryFiesta: we were the only two confirmed right-handed right-brainers in the whole class
Gelato Piccante: i light things on fire
Kuwisdelu: i think it's because i'm zuni
StrawberryFiesta: what's wrong with lighting things on fire?
Kuwisdelu: it depends how u do it
StrawberryFiesta: I've lighten my hair on fire twice. On accident, though
Gelato Piccante: hahahaha
Kuwisdelu: it's pretty stupid i guess, but i'm part of the badger clan and the donashi:kwe are the keepers of the fire
StrawberryFiesta: litten? lighten? wtf?
StrawberryFiesta: that's cool though, kyle
Kuwisdelu: so i dunno i guess i feel it should be respected more than to light random things on fire without thinking about it
Kuwisdelu: stupid isn't that?
Gelato Piccante: no
Kuwisdelu: pretentious? arrogant?
Gelato Piccante: but it's not random lighting
Gelato Piccante: it's more than that, chief.
Kuwisdelu: hmm? some people it is
Kuwisdelu: ?
Gelato Piccante: rar
StrawberryFiesta: >_<
Kuwisdelu: ugh
Gelato Piccante: ?
Kuwisdelu: nothin
StrawberryFiesta: rar = isa word
Kuwisdelu: oh yea that too i didn't think of that
Gelato Piccante: ?????
StrawberryFiesta: idk...
Kuwisdelu: hah
StrawberryFiesta: kb?
Kuwisdelu: hmm?
Gelato Piccante: ?????????
StrawberryFiesta: huh?
StrawberryFiesta: what's going on?
Kuwisdelu: what?
Kuwisdelu: nothin
Gelato Piccante: huh??
Kuwisdelu: huh?
StrawberryFiesta: que?
Kuwisdelu: nothin?
Kuwisdelu: argicharv
StrawberryFiesta: <(^_^<)
StrawberryFiesta: (>^_^)>
StrawberryFiesta: ^(^_^)^
Gelato Piccante: hahahaha awww
StrawberryFiesta: v(^_^)v
StrawberryFiesta: squeeee
Kuwisdelu: heehee
Kuwisdelu: squeeee
StrawberryFiesta: so tired
Kuwisdelu: wanna blow a few fags?
StrawberryFiesta: it's 2 ammmmm
Gelato Piccante: 1am hereeeeeee
Kuwisdelu: here too
StrawberryFiesta: I'm interested in cocksucking at this hour, kyle.
Kuwisdelu: i meant have a few cigarettes but that works too
Kuwisdelu: haha
StrawberryFiesta: i have no cigarette. i'm trying to quit smoking anyhow... sort of
Gelato Piccante: i have a whole unopened pack
Gelato Piccante: wheeeeeeee
StrawberryFiesta: lucky slut
StrawberryFiesta: i misssss smoking
Gelato Piccante: hahaha we can share themmmm
StrawberryFiesta: i want to smoke some pot, too
StrawberryFiesta: it's been too long
StrawberryFiesta: we need to get kyle high
Kuwisdelu: hehe
StrawberryFiesta: doesn't kyle need to get high with us?
Gelato Piccante: hahaha ohhh yesh
Kuwisdelu: yes
Kuwisdelu: yes he does
Kuwisdelu: it's lonely here
Gelato Piccante: here too
StrawberryFiesta: maybe I'll get the balls to take that weed I found under the couch.
Kuwisdelu: u can walk places all i have is a starbucks a noble romans and a bad mexican restaurant
StrawberryFiesta: I found weed and it wasn't mine!
StrawberryFiesta: bwahahaha
Kuwisdelu: haha
StrawberryFiesta: i think it's my stepdad's...
Gelato Piccante: hahahahaha
StrawberryFiesta: it looks wickedly old
Gelato Piccante: agg g2g
StrawberryFiesta: yeah... I should too
Kuwisdelu: i dont want to
StrawberryFiesta: adieu mes amies
Kuwisdelu: 'cos every endless night must end
Kuwisdelu: and every winding road must bend
Kuwisdelu: and every night i'll think of you
Kuwisdelu: and never feel alone again
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