real pain for my sham friends (eastofbandwagon) wrote in _pgoat_,
real pain for my sham friends

x pompelmi x: alrighty, part three
x pompelmi x: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!
x pompelmi x: ^_^
StrawberryFiesta: *sits in jail*
StrawberryFiesta: Grr.
StrawberryFiesta: I can't believe she got me again.
x pompelmi x: (hahaha)
StrawberryFiesta: I'll just have to be a little more stealthy this time and sneak out at night.
StrawberryFiesta: ////time warp!///
x pompelmi x: (hahaha nice)
StrawberryFiesta: [night time-ness]
StrawberryFiesta: *picks lock*
StrawberryFiesta: *slips down hallway*
StrawberryFiesta: *sneakiness*
StrawberryFiesta: *leaves prison building unseen*
StrawberryFiesta: *runs out of prison grounds*
StrawberryFiesta: haha! looks like I've made it.
StrawberryFiesta: (idea!)
x pompelmi x: (ooh!)
StrawberryFiesta: *walks into bar*
StrawberryFiesta: (okay, you come in here)
x pompelmi x: Hey, you, what are you doing in here? *slightly drunk*
StrawberryFiesta: They let me go.
StrawberryFiesta: *sits down*
x pompelmi x: BULL SHIT they let you go.
StrawberryFiesta: Haha! What's wrong? Don't believe me?
x pompelmi x: What if I don't?
StrawberryFiesta: Aww, come on. What're ya gonna do about it?
StrawberryFiesta: *slams whiskey shot8
StrawberryFiesta: I wouldn't want this whole bar to know that your with [whisper] the government.
StrawberryFiesta: People like this don't take kindly to folks like you.
x pompelmi x: They were supposed to kill you tomorrow morning. You were under maximum security. They wouldn't have fucking changed their minds.
x pompelmi x: Why are you here?
StrawberryFiesta: I needed a drink. *pounds another shot*
x pompelmi x: Hah.
StrawberryFiesta: Why're you here? Isn't it passed your bedtime?
x pompelmi x: Well I'm just suprised they let you out of the NURSING HOME.
StrawberryFiesta: I blasted all those fuckers with my oxygen tank.
StrawberryFiesta: *another shot*
x pompelmi x: *laughs*
StrawberryFiesta: So whatcha gonna do now? Huh? Gonna take me back? I'll just keep escaping.
x pompelmi x: I'll have to catch you myself. And kill you. Slowly. Hahaha.
x pompelmi x: So, you try to escape again and I won't hesitate to burn you to a crisp.
StrawberryFiesta: Ouch. At least let me have another drink.
x pompelmi x: Well fine then, it's on me. *smirk*
StrawberryFiesta: In that case... make it a double.
x pompelmi x: oh yeah.
x pompelmi x: [later...]
StrawberryFiesta: (hehehehe)
x pompelmi x: *is waaaaaaasted*
StrawberryFiesta: *rolling drunk8
StrawberryFiesta: Sooooo. ya still gonna fucking kill me, yeah?
x pompelmi x: Yeah, I gotta.
x pompelmi x: It's too bad, I kinda liked your company.
StrawberryFiesta: Shit, same here.
x pompelmi x: Well, you ready?
StrawberryFiesta: As ready as I'll ever be.
x pompelmi x: Right then. *fire blast*
StrawberryFiesta: You don't waste any time do ya? *kicks yer bar stool over*
x pompelmi x: *keeps shooting fire*
StrawberryFiesta: *jumps over bar*
StrawberryFiesta: *crouches down*
x pompelmi x: *follows, grabs wrist, burns some more*
x pompelmi x: [bar is on fire at this point, people run awayyyy]
StrawberryFiesta: *hits you with vodka bottle*
x pompelmi x: agh!
StrawberryFiesta: *keeps hitting until bottle breaks*
x pompelmi x: *alcohol explodes everywhere*
StrawberryFiesta: Ahh!
StrawberryFiesta: *recoils*
x pompelmi x: Shit, we're both gonna die.
StrawberryFiesta: *fire spreads*
StrawberryFiesta: Looks like it.
x pompelmi x: *to entire city*
x pompelmi x: At least I'm taking you with me.
StrawberryFiesta: My thoughts exactly.
StrawberryFiesta: *grabs malt liquor*
StrawberryFiesta: might as well go out with a bang
x pompelmi x: Brilliant.
x pompelmi x: Hahaha.
StrawberryFiesta: A toast.
StrawberryFiesta: To alchemy.
x pompelmi x: To alchemy.
x pompelmi x: Oh, wait a second.
x pompelmi x: Hahaha wow.
x pompelmi x: *water*
x pompelmi x: building collapses
StrawberryFiesta: Huh. Nice.
x pompelmi x: Ouch.
StrawberryFiesta: Wow.
x pompelmi x: Hahaha.
x pompelmi x: Now doncha wish YOU could do that?
StrawberryFiesta: If only.
x pompelmi x: Yeah, you just wish you were as amazing as I am.
StrawberryFiesta: *slides out from under debris*
StrawberryFiesta: Yeah, right. I'm soooo fucking jealous.
x pompelmi x: Hey, I'm stuck. D'ya mind?
StrawberryFiesta: Haha! *moves big piece of plaster*
x pompelmi x: Thanks. *gets up*
x pompelmi x: *watches city burn*
x pompelmi x: Oops.
StrawberryFiesta: It's kind of beautiful.
x pompelmi x: Yeah.
x pompelmi x: They're gonna know it was me.
StrawberryFiesta: Looks like we're both in deep shit now.
x pompelmi x: Hah, speak for yourself.
x pompelmi x: I can get out of this.
x pompelmi x: I can.
x pompelmi x: Heh.
StrawberryFiesta: Hahaha. I really need to get out of here.
x pompelmi x: Shit, so do I.
x pompelmi x: Well, I'll see you around then, I guess.
StrawberryFiesta: I hope not. I'll have to kill you, you know.
x pompelmi x: Hah. No you won't/
x pompelmi x: I'll kill you first.
StrawberryFiesta: Hahahaha!
x pompelmi x: Because you are pathetic, Ahmed-san.
StrawberryFiesta: I'm pathetic, Hayate-san?
x pompelmi x: Yeah. Your training is...not training.
x pompelmi x: Although I must say, you put up quite a fight.
x pompelmi x: (you just ate whale cancer!)
x pompelmi x: (hahaha)
StrawberryFiesta: (i know! I'm watching it too)
x pompelmi x: (hahaha)
StrawberryFiesta: (COMPLETELY GAY!)
x pompelmi x: (YES!)
StrawberryFiesta: (F YEAH!)
x pompelmi x: (hahahahahaha)
x pompelmi x: Well, Ahmed-san, it's been fun.
StrawberryFiesta: Indeed it has, Hayate-san.
x pompelmi x: Sayonara.
StrawberryFiesta: Sayonara.
x pompelmi x: Oh, but wait.
x pompelmi x: A going away present. *stabs*
StrawberryFiesta: Yeah?
StrawberryFiesta: ACH!
StrawberryFiesta: *collapses*
x pompelmi x: Hah. *walks away*
StrawberryFiesta: You betrayed me!
x pompelmi x: Your mother was a whore, your family killed mine, and yet you speak of betrayal? I don't believe there was anything to betray.
StrawberryFiesta: I pulled you from the debris. If your ribs hadn't been crushed, and the fires hadn't met you, your precious government would've found you and skinned you alive.
StrawberryFiesta: I damn near saved you.
StrawberryFiesta: And you repay me how?
x pompelmi x: Hahaha.
x pompelmi x: Well it's only fair.
StrawberryFiesta: You have one warped definition of justice.
x pompelmi x: Likewise.
x pompelmi x: But people like you...they deserve to die.
StrawberryFiesta: I deserve to die? I deserve to die?
StrawberryFiesta: That's fucking ridiculous.
x pompelmi x: Haha how so?
StrawberryFiesta: (i gotta have that dick)
x pompelmi x: (dick dick dick dick!)
StrawberryFiesta: (lol)
x pompelmi x: (i love sealab)
StrawberryFiesta: It's ridiculous. You are a disgusting heathen with no sense of right or wrong and you say I'm the bad one?
x pompelmi x: Hmm. A disgusting heathen with no sense of right or wrong. I believe someone who blows up civilian areas indiscriminately to prove a religious point and who sneaks into people's homes and kills them with shuriken in their sleep is a disgusting heathen with no sense of right or wrong.
x pompelmi x: Not me.
StrawberryFiesta: I fight for a cause. You fight because they make you.
x pompelmi x: I fight for REVENGE, dammit.
x pompelmi x: Your cause--your "God"--is useless. Fuck God. Look out for yourself for once and you wouldn't be in this mess.
StrawberryFiesta: I once looked out for myself and saw my son die in the streets. You're ignorant and know nothing of true pain. Only God can protect you in a chaotic world.
x pompelmi x: *I* know nothing of pain? I watched my family be brutally murdered by yours. God is dead. If not why would he allow the world to be so chaotic? If your God really loved you he wouldn't have taken your son.
StrawberryFiesta: Chaos is for the infidels.
x pompelmi x: Hah. You were born from sin. How could you justify being a servant of God when you are a creation of the devil?
StrawberryFiesta: God loves all the faithful.
x pompelmi x: Apparently not your son.
x pompelmi x: Huh? *smirk*
StrawberryFiesta: That was my own fault. I have since rectified my sins.
x pompelmi x: Bullshit.
x pompelmi x: Recitfied your sins by murdering the sons of others? I think not.
StrawberryFiesta: You'd never understand.
x pompelmi x: Heh. Try me.
StrawberryFiesta: I thought you'd be able to appreciate revenge.
x pompelmi x: Revenge? Your son's death was your fault and yours alone. Revenge has nothing to do with it.
StrawberryFiesta: It's the unforgiving masses who must experience pain now. You don't understand. They all must die.
x pompelmi x: No. The only one that must die here is you.
StrawberryFiesta: So, after all that you're still gonna try to kill me?
x pompelmi x: Why shouldn't I?
StrawberryFiesta: I just thought I we were going our seperate ways.
x pompelmi x: *sigh*
x pompelmi x: For now. I suppose.
x pompelmi x: I can't fight you when you're INJURED. It wouldn't be as fun.
x pompelmi x: *smirk*
StrawberryFiesta: *grin* Until then, Hayate-san. Sayonara?
x pompelmi x: Oyasuminasai, Ahmed-san.
x pompelmi x: Sayonara. *walks away*
StrawberryFiesta: [end]
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