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Justifications for not paying attention in AP Bio.

-Chullu bhar muth mein doob mar, Mr. Dewart.
-This so-called science is nothing more than an expectation of some nonexistant cause-and-effect relationship between independent phenomena. Or something like that.
-This all has to do with the sun. Or the need to conserve matter and energy.
-Wouldn't it be easier on you if we just napped today?
-Holden Caulfield probably failed biology and he ended up alright. Wait... no... DAMMIT!
-I don't need to listen if you hand out all the notes before the test...
-I'll just get BG to fill me in. He's my bitch.
-Want a cookie?
-Bitch please. How you gonna play me like that?
-[insert Napoleon Dynamite quote]
-I was just busy thinking about the significance of this topic in evolutionary terms.
-Isn't On the Road a great book? I love it.
-Ms. MacAlear usually dances at times like this.
-Quick, stop me when I reach homeostasis!
-But, Mr. Dewart, I have a PoK quiz next period!
-But, Mr. Dewart, we all know Mr. Kivela's psycho! Now, you, you're as sane as rain, my good fellow.
-Hey look, Marra's asleep!
-Um... VAGINA!
-But at least I sit in the front row and zone out. You have to admit, that's pretty brave.
-Nice tie. I have one like it, except it's purple with turquoise palm trees.
-Did you know I'm a quarter Native American.
-Woooooah. Where am I?
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