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the Prettiest Girls of All Time's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
the Prettiest Girls of All Time

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hi!no delete please [20 Apr 2012|02:21am]
Originally posted by nikitagretzky at что вы вы видите на этой картинке?
Originally posted by diak_kuraev at Как делаются сенсации
... Получилось, будто митрополит согласен с нацистской символикой...
Получилось что "митрополит согласен с нацистами" ?
На самом деле получилось что
1)нацисты согласны с митрополитами
2)Митрополитам похуй кого они ведут за собой
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Sasha_Shla [21 May 2007|05:16pm]


Sasha_Shla :: the crazy brutal teen girl rock's the world!

Watch the clip :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg9yW1K5_1U
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a poem [25 Jan 2006|08:07pm]

[ mood | lolz ]

satoriblues (8:02:13 PM): dEaTh
satoriblues (8:02:24 PM): a PoEm bY mIcHeLlE
satoriblues (8:02:44 PM): dEaTh WiLl CoNsUmE mI S0uL
satoriblues (8:02:55 PM): aNd i WiLl B dEaD
satoriblues (8:03:14 PM): AnD wEn u CuM 2 mI FuNeRal
satoriblues (8:03:26 PM): U wOnT CrY
satoriblues (8:03:43 PM): B/C n01 wIlL eVr LuV Me

that's how i made 2nd place at prelude and you didn't

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why i love alex [28 Dec 2005|09:20pm]

gelatopiccante (9:19:31 PM): my mom has to change the bandages of a 400-lb man with a flesh eating bacteria on his genitals


gelatopiccante (9:24:55 PM): my dad kept a PHOTO ALBUM of the victims he had to deal with as an EMT...and his sister's wedding pictures...in the same album...0_o

remember when? [04 Dec 2005|08:22pm]

This community exists.

Alex Lanza and YT are anarcho-terrorist catholic teenage crack whores, in case you were wondering. We've been too busy bombing people and free-basin' to update this community. That all changes.... NOW.

*loud guitars*
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come to jamaica [28 Jul 2005|02:12am]

[ mood | awesome ]

Michelle, Alex and Kyle have an AIM threesome. HOTTT!Collapse )

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[13 Jun 2005|12:14am]

The battle continues... part III: bar fightin', boozin' and top rate DRAMACollapse )
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[10 Jun 2005|03:36pm]

Lanza vs. Michelle: Fight 1Collapse )
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[02 Apr 2005|02:15pm]

I almost forgot about our communidad!

Am I right or am I right? Spring Break's been kind of lame thus far.

When we get back to school it will be time to stir up the shit.
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[13 Mar 2005|02:05pm]

This week I learned a few important life lessons:

1) Don't wave at people just becuase you think they're William Scales. They aren't.
2) The SATs are hilarious.
3) Malapropisms and pornography jokes impress Dr. Guffin.
4) Whiskey makes punitt squares highly enjoyable.
5) Leek soup is good for the soul.
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Mr. Kivela is a bowling pin [10 Mar 2005|10:24pm]

[ mood | Ha! ]

Studying is for fools, yo. I'll be up a 4 am learning everything about WWI and the 1920s tomorrow morning.

The Prettiest Girl of All Time can't spend her time doing shit like studying. She's got better things to do. Besides, she doesn't need to study because she's a fucking genius.

Read only mode is retarded.

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Michelle's Weekly Pledge [06 Mar 2005|07:40pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

I solemnly swear, that for as long as I live, with "god" and Lanza as my witnesses, I will never drink when I'm supposed to be writing a Kivela paper.



Or have a hangover.

I hate sundays.

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[04 Mar 2005|04:38pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

Justifications for not paying attention in AP Bio.

-Chullu bhar muth mein doob mar, Mr. Dewart.
-This so-called science is nothing more than an expectation of some nonexistant cause-and-effect relationship between independent phenomena. Or something like that.
-This all has to do with the sun. Or the need to conserve matter and energy.
-Wouldn't it be easier on you if we just napped today?
-Holden Caulfield probably failed biology and he ended up alright. Wait... no... DAMMIT!
-I don't need to listen if you hand out all the notes before the test...
-I'll just get BG to fill me in. He's my bitch.
-Want a cookie?
-Bitch please. How you gonna play me like that?
-[insert Napoleon Dynamite quote]
-I was just busy thinking about the significance of this topic in evolutionary terms.
-Isn't On the Road a great book? I love it.
-Ms. MacAlear usually dances at times like this.
-Quick, stop me when I reach homeostasis!
-But, Mr. Dewart, I have a PoK quiz next period!
-But, Mr. Dewart, we all know Mr. Kivela's psycho! Now, you, you're as sane as rain, my good fellow.
-Hey look, Marra's asleep!
-Um... VAGINA!
-But at least I sit in the front row and zone out. You have to admit, that's pretty brave.
-Nice tie. I have one like it, except it's purple with turquoise palm trees.
-Did you know I'm a quarter Native American.
-Woooooah. Where am I?

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The Sort-of Weekly Guide to World Travel [02 Mar 2005|06:37pm]

[ mood | h4rdc0r3 ]

You may or may not know this, but my dream in life is to roam the earth primarily via boats, public transportation and foot. I've been thinking about stuff I'd would have to do were I ever to realize this dream.

1) As Dr. Dre once said: "Hey, hey, hey, hey. Smoke weed everyday." On that note, I'd like to express my sincere desire to go to Amsterdam and get completely stoned.

Dutch name: Aliden DeJong

2) Get an Indian! Ride it to work! Ride it for fun! Indeed, I would like to go to India have a tryst or two with those lovely Indian boys. Ahhh, how I miss my gorgeous Indians. And chicken tikka.

Indian name: Saraswathi Desai

3) It's a fact that I've watched Moulin Rouge too many times. The only thing that I love more than Baz Luhrman, is the whole idea of bumming around Paris, eating fresh, wonderful food, drinking lots of red wine and sitting in front of my type writer sipping on absinthe.

Parisian name: Manon Fournier

4) If I were a rich girl I would certainly visit Tokyo and buy lots of harajuku clothes and ride around on a yellow vespa. I'd visit old teahouses and eat lots and lots of sushi. Mmmmm. Sushi.

Tokyo name: Natsuko Michiba

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