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Wouldn't it be nice to find the tracks you're missing from your home made SMiLE compilations? Indeed it would be. This community may be of use to you.

This is a place to share Brian Wilson / Beach Boys files. None of the files here shared are to break any laws, etc. .. . and please make all entries friends only. This community will go unmoderated since I doubt there's really a need for moderating.

The idea for this community was taken from beatlefiles which is a very nice community, and might I point out that the Beatles and Beach Boys are both great.. so please do not get into the Beatles/Beach Boys debate (which tends to go on STILL in Beach Boys communities.)

To quote Sir Paul McCartney:
"It was later...it was PET SOUNDS that BLEW ME OUT OF THE WATER. First of all, it was Brian's writing. I LOVE THE ALBUM SO MUCH. I've just bought my kids each a copy of it for their education in life - I FIGURE NO ONE IS EDUCATED MUSICALLY 'TIL THEY'VE HEARD THAT ALBUM. I was into the writing and the songs."

Perhaps it would be nice to get Beatles fans into Beach Boys Music and get Beach Boys fans into Beatles music, that would be neat. Anyway, the easiest way to store files (music/video) if you do not have your own server appears to be:


1. Enter your own email address for the email
2. upload the file and wait for a confirmation link
3. copy the link
4. post the link to the file, which should be there for 7 days

If you wish to post photos, the most reliable server is: http://www.photobucket.com

Links: http://www.surfermoon.com (best Brian Wilson page + BBs chat + list serve), I've been on it since I was 14, I'm now 21 and it's had the same people for that long and they all really know what they're talking about.