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i have brian wilson's self titled solo album, and the recently released re-recorded version of the smile album, and i'll trade either of them for the 'imagination' album.
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Hey everyone, inspired by the great sounding Cocaine Sessions files that were recently posted (that I thoroughly enjoyed), I've quickly scanned my computer for the coolest looking and sounding files that I could find and thought I'd share them with you! They are all rather scarse. First we've got some random SMiLE-era studio chat (Mike, you're busted btw). Then a rare 7" from Van Dyke Parks of Come To The Sunshine. Then an unreleased 8 minute plus Single Edit of H&V. After that, just some random rare BB tracks. Rock'n'Roll Woman is a Buffalo Springfield cover from the Big Sure festival I believe. Hard Times & It's A New Day are with Blondie Chaplain & Ricky Fataar. I've Got A Friend & Baseball are Dennis leads, I like them both a lot. Awake is a Brian solo piano demo for a song he produced for his wife's group - American Spring. One Kiss Led To Another is a neat Party! outtake and Vega-tables is live fromt he BBC. Enjoy! And let me know if you what you think...I hope this music can bring people a little pleasure (..and hopefully this leads to others sharing their files ;)


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Selfish Promotions

Well beach boys fans, I made this song today and am interested in hearing what people think of it. It's a little bit Specter, a little bit Beach Boys, a little bit Lennon, a little bit whatever else.

"Love Ain't No Reason"... it's a bit of rock ballad/waltz. Watch out for the wacky ending.

I spent 10 hours straight today making this song.

CLICK HERE to listen!!!



p.s.- Don'y forget, If you can't stream this song you can always download them and listen to them whenever you wish.

p.s.s.- If this is out of place, I appologize.