Anybody there?

I guess it's ok on here to say I have the soundtrack to PiP (and the breakfast club).My favourite song is 'If you leave' by OMD and a close second is 'Wouldn't it be good' by Danny Hutton Hitter.

May I admire you today?

hey all.
i'm bec & i absolutely adore 80s movies!
In particular, Molly Ringwald && Pretty In Pink ^_^
Yeah, just thought I'd post this picture (i made it myself!) ...tell me what you think of it ;) you know where you can get Pretty In Pink lj layouts? I'm dying to have one for my lj!
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hey everyone.i love this movie and my name is mom named me after blaine in this movie.even though im a me a comment
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So the massive two other people in this community, whats going on? Ummm..............i watched pretty in pink yesterday, but i watch it like every day so thats nothing new. i guess i am obsessed. hmmm thats nothing new either. well i was just bored, jesus lisa you need to get more people in here.


This is my favorite movie of all time. It combines two of the greatest things: the 80s and cheesy romance! I love when Andy goes psycho on him and just starts hitting him and shoving him up against the lockers. and when Ducky tackles Steph (that's his name right? I've watched the movie multiple times yet never seem to really catch his name...)and just starts beating on him. You know I think I'll go watch it now...
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