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I've been waiting since what? 2002? 2001?

So who's excited about the new Zelda game which you can now pre-order? Huh? Huh? Okay, maybe its just me since I don't think either Grace nor Maddy is particularly into Zelda. But hey! I am! And especially since I think Koji Kondo still does all the Zelda music, or at least he did that last time I checked. I'm pretty dure he does all the music for Mario too. What a fun job. Creating scores for video games. Oh shit someone's at the door. Okay I'm back. I couldn't escape because I'm in the dining room which is right by the door. But yeah, I remember when I first saw a pirated preview of the new Zelda game. It give away much about the new game at all, but I remember thinking that the graphics were amazing. Actually, come to think of it, I still don't know the story line for the new game. All I can gather from the trailers are that there are cats, water, and oh shit look at this! It's called the Twilight Princess! That's the title for the new game. Hey, Link turns into a wolf? Okay now that's kind of cool and weird at the same time. I like wolves. Damn I have to pre-order this now.

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