ecwrvdwwe (cowboy_danny) wrote in _penpals,


Name: Dan

Age: 30

Location: Malden, MA


Info: I am a security guard with alot of time on my hands at work.

Interests: movies, comic, books, video games, bowling, fishing, wrestling, and I love football

Favorite music: mostly country and old 80's metal. Also into oldoes music

Favorite movies: Alot lol Scream, I k now what you did last summer,Sleepaway Camp, Scarecrow Slayer, Student Bodies, Friday the 13th series, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, My COusin Vinny, Liar Liar

5 words that describe you: fun, caring, responsible, reliable, shy

Other things you think you should add: I don't write long letters but I am dedicated and will write back right away.

What I’m looking for in a penpal: Someone with similiar interests but not a must. They are dedicated and will always write back and maybe even little packages back and forth like CD's

How many pen pals do you want: As many as possible
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