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El muerto no está solitario.

Penetralia - viscera as performance art...
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Penetralia is a two legged performance art collaboration, formed in mid 2004.
The group is comprised of two founding members, Scary Kerry & Sadie Haycraft. A visceral slopfest influenced by early era horror cinema, art + shock artists like The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black & Genesis P-Orridge, and the fact that we are sick of all your stupid fifi fucking burlesque troupes, our shows include power tools, blood, zombie cock, fire, blood, gore, blood, exoskeleton consumption, gore, theatrical representations of how we
view societal structure as well as social taboos, and also blood.

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Coercion. Butchery. Cannibalism. Mass Extermination. Wholesale Murder. The Grand Guignol.
The general homosapien consensus?