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Pencil on Paper community


For those who likes to draw during class
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For those who loves to draw!!
note: Posts don't have to be just pencil drawings. I meant it in a way as an artwork that you do with too much time in your hands that will usually lead to bigger things. :) HAVE FUN!

I can only think of two rules, so here it goes:
  • PLEASE LJ-CUT YOUR IMAGES! I love original pieces and I encourage you to post those original sized pictures that are bigger than the screen itself, but just LJ-cut them please! If it's a small image, then it's okay if you forget to LJ-cut. Just that, you'll be doing everybody else a favor if you do lj-cut. If you don't know how to LJ-cut then here's where to find out:


  • NO PROMOTING THOSE LAME AND STUPID RATING COMMUNITIES! If it's a community that has to do with drawing, then I'll ignore it. Any other community that has nothing to do with drawing of any sort then I will delete... or I will bash and then delete. Sorry, I just think rating communities are the lowest, and I apologize if you think otherwise. I also disapprove of communities that force you to promote to get accepted.

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