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Name: Derek
Make up a nickname for yourself: Derelickedmyballs
Age: 15
Location: Royal Oak Michigan
When was your first pen15 experience?: like 3rd grade after my sister worte it on my hand. and i ran around and wrote it on people's hands and then my teacher yelled at me.
What could you bring to the pen15 club?: i couyld bring some sweet nothingness and advice on t-shirts. and mabye more pen15 songs.
Make up a two sentenced lyric about the pen15 club: Pen15 is funny. its funier than u. and if u dnt like pen15, ill stomp right on ur shoe.
How much money is in your pocket right now?: about 6 bucks american and and 5 dollar bill candadian.
Why do you want to be in the pen15 club?: Because pen15 was funny in 3rd grade and it's still funny as shit.
Would you advertise for the pen15 club as much as you possibly could? (i.e. write 'Pen15' on your hand, tell your friends you are a proud member, put in your AIM userinfo that you are in the club, etc.): Yes ineedy, feed the needy.
Would you be willing to wear a PEN15 CLUB MEMBERS TEE™?: i would be honored
Post pictures if you have any: Sry aint got a digtial camera or anything.
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