******* (hello_gentlemen) wrote in _pen15club,

Hi fellow Pen15-eers.

Name: Frances
Make up a nickname for yourself: They call me... Vag Master.
Age: 11+3-0=14.
Location: San Diego.
When was your first pen15 experience?: My first pen15 experience was having it written on my hand by my cousin. So, I went to school the next day and wrote it all over everyone else's hands.
What could you bring to the pen15 club?: I could bring some fucking hotcore icons to you, and kickass shirt ideas.
Make up a two sentences lyric about the pen15 club: I joined the pen15 club, and I saw a dramatic difference right away. Call 1-800-PEN-15 to get this amazing offer today! (Hmm, does that last one count?)
How much money is in your pocket right now?: A quarter and some lint.
Why do you want to be in the pen15 club?: I want to be super cool, and you guys seem super cool.
Would you advertise for the pen15 club as much as you possibly could? (i.e. write 'Pen15' on your hand, tell your friends you are a proud member, put in your AIM userinfo that you are in the club, etc.): Uhh, chyeah!! Mmm, Pen15es, tasty.
Would you be willing to wear a PEN15 CLUB MEMBERS TEE™?: ROCKAGE! Of course.
Post pictures if you have any: MMM.

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