danielle (spork_of_doom27) wrote in _pen15club,

Make up a nickname for yourself:ummm... Chunky Chow
When was your first pen15 experience?:One of my friends was advertising, and I read it over and over, confused, until I figured it out after like 30 minutes and felt stupid.
What could you bring to the pen15 club?: dessert!
Make up a two sentenced lyric about the pen15 club: trust me that's a bad idea.
How much money is in your pocket right now?: no pants...
Why do you want to be in the pen15 club?: because it's the coolest club ever!
Would you advertise for the pen15 club as much as you possibly could? (i.e. write 'Pen15' on your hand, tell your friends you are a proud member, put in your AIM userinfo that you are in the club, etc.): of course. I've already started
Would you be willing to wear a PEN15 CLUB MEMBERS TEE™?:new clothes?
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