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Lead singer of Coheed and Camberia showed the crowed his penis last night at a show. I must say for a man with a fro, his penis lacked hair. Hmh... -shakes head-

Thats pretty hardcore pen15 if you ask me.

<3 Skye

Oh for those who took my "Die White Girl" comment seriously, this may explain it.

Die white giirl, die white giirrls. You've been looking for somthing, the rise of the death. The night of your childrens death, you sink to the floor. They seal the lips to make them, the noise carries on. The surprise is broken by silence. The name of the children, we're coming. When I kill her, I'll have her. Die white girls, die white girls. When the killers won, they heros lay down. Killing is no fun when the heros are none. Here comes the ends,so the children all run. Bye bye world, bye bye world. Pull the trigger. Die white girls. die white girls

It's a song.
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