PCC 2004

on the outside they don't understand, on the inside we can't explain it.

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This is going to be a community for everyone that attended PCC/ASP/BSC 2004. I am trying to bring everyone back together. You don't have to get accepted into this community you just have to fill out a quick little application and post it. The app. is not so that you can get accepted or rejected it is just to let everyone know who you are. And if you can please post a pisture of yourself behind a LJ-cut so that people can get a visual as well.

PCC Classes:
First Year, Second Year or First/Second Year:
Wood, Pope, or Scott:

1. Please be nice to everyone.
2. When filling out the application put it under an LJ cut.
3. Please bold the questions in the app.
4. Promote the community to everyone you know from PCC 2004.
5. Use the banner below and put it into your LJ info so everyone can see it. This is to help promote the community. The code is right below the banner.