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PCC 2004 [entries|friends|calendar]
PCC 2004

PCC/ASP/BSC 2004 - The Summer Of A Life Time
Keep your rocks in your pockets, rainbow strings around your wrists, paper clips by your side, and the memories of PCC in your hearts.

Whether or not you come to PCC afraid, nervous, or happy, you will always leave with a face soaked in tears and people that you will remember for a lifetime.
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[28 Sep 2005|10:40pm]

Lead You In.

[14 Aug 2005|06:36pm]

Name:Allison Wilkins
PCC Classes:in 2004 Human Phyisology and Adolesences and the Law: 2005 Creative Writing and Teen Violence
First Year, Second Year or First/Second Year:well i did two years so for a 2004 community 1st year
Wood, Pope, or Scott:1st year Scott 2nd year Wood

Hey every one I know this is a bit late but I just joined Livejournal and found this. Come check out my community for 2005. Hope you let me join.
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[31 Jul 2005|04:07pm]

Just had a question about the M&M show. I know it is Thursday I just wanted to know what time it is.
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Can't look back, you can never go back... [09 Jul 2005|01:49am]
Hate to quote the Atari's (or Eagle's, whoever) but that's how I have felt lately.

I finally opened the envelope with the pcc 2004 video in it, yes it's been about 8 months (and yes, it is 1:50 in the morning) since Iv'ed gotten it. I just... it's so painful to think of all the happy times I had at pcc, with all of you, and to think I can never go back there. Yes, I could be a proctor, but that wouldn't be the same. I feel like Iv'ed been given a teaspoon of bliss only to see the bowl locked away from me forever.

Has anyone else tried blocking everthing out, so they wouldn't have to deal with this?

I miss you all, PCC 2004. Keep in touch with me (and eachother). If you get this then post your email/aim s/n so that we can start a contact list. I know it may seem like PCC 2004 is dead, but it shall live on as long as where all alive!
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Question. [16 Jun 2005|10:21pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Well with PCC 2005 approaching I have to ask who is going back this year and if so what are the classes that you are taking?


xx Sid

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[17 May 2005|08:24pm]

[ mood | blank ]

today, i finally got my wings. (during mcas, heh) thank you nicole dane, for tieing that simple peice of yarn so well that it stayed on this long.


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PCC videos---last week stuff [15 May 2005|07:33pm]

to those of you who wanted, or maybe already got my videos that i made....you will have to wail a little longer. One of the people that i already gave the video to, brought to my attention that something went wrong during the recording of the DVDs...they have glitches and all kinda of problems. I have been trying to resolve the glitches for the last week but i have had no luck. I think what will end up happening is that i will have to copy the movies onto tape....the quality isn't as good as it is on DVD...but i have no other choice it looks like. I am so sorry about all this. I am ready to cry right now b/c i worked so hard on these and i can't even give them to you without glitches and other problems. It will get to you though. Once again, i am so sorry but i swear to you that i have been working on these every chance i have gotten. It's just my brother, being the director in training he is....he always has the computer b/c he is always editing and stuff like that. Once again, i am so sorry for this very long delay..but i guess we are all already used to waiting for videos...huh? lol

Heather Anderson

P.S. if you want to see some of my brother's movies...just ask ;) they are awsome!
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[12 Apr 2005|07:26pm]

Hey guys :) If any of you want to join an icon journal, I've got one, open for requests and stuff, so JOIN!!! :)

andhearts_icons <--
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hello [20 Mar 2005|02:18pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I understand that this community has died. I am ok with that though. Everyone has moved on with their lives, and that is a good thing. I am always going to leave this community open so that everyone can still keep in touch and have a way to contact people from PCC. Thanks for joining thi community and being a part of all the discusions.

xx Sid

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[11 Mar 2005|07:07pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

Hey everyone.....do you all remember Ed Gerety's presentation? of course you do anyway...i am VERY pleased to announce that he was right. Do you guys remember wen we had to partner up and say to our partner our goals? well i was partnered with Ms. McGary and my goal was "I will be a CIT at Calumet next summer of 2005." Well i was in play practice the other day and mother called and said she got a letter from Calumet addressed to me....so i gave her permission to open it and call me back after she read the letter....to my suprise it said "we are happy to announce that you have been excepted into the Calumet training course for the summer of 2005." So I just wanted to share my excitement with everyone!! My friends are worried i might replace PCC b/c i will be up there for 8 straight weeks....but i think ppl will hate me there b/c i won't stop talking about my angels and my taste of heaven this past summer....


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[27 Feb 2005|03:59pm]

check out my latest post
i write one of these every once and a while

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[12 Feb 2005|10:43pm]

Name: Lindsay Thomson
Age: fOurteen
PCC Classes: Drawing and Painting
First Year, Second Year or First/Second Year: First Year
Wood, Pope, or Scott: 2 SCOTT!!
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[12 Feb 2005|02:19pm]


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[25 Jan 2005|04:37am]

Do you guys remember that website that was something like pcc-asp.org or something and was pretty much the official PCC page? What happened to it? I can't find it! :( I wanted to apply to be a proctor this summer.
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[24 Jan 2005|08:03pm]

Come join


A Com. for all Harry Potter Fans
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reunion pics [24 Jan 2005|06:30pm]

[ mood | mellow yellow ]

i finally got my pics posted in my online scrapbook...check it out: http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?username=idamis

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sorry im pimping but its important [23 Jan 2005|10:34pm]

i need to whore this community real bad

I am also asking you to join cherrie_street
it's a great graphics community
all you need ot do is add them to your friends list, add a button to your userinfo, and comment on the members only post with your favourite clothing store

tell them rainingxblood told you to join

because if i get 20 members to join, i get a paid account

if you join, i will only need 18 more members!

please do it for me!
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[22 Jan 2005|10:00am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

reunionCollapse )

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[17 Jan 2005|10:38am]
Hey Everyone! I had an amazing time last night. I posted some pictures in my journal if anyone wants to see them. I missed you all so much, and I'm so glad I got to see you all again.

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as promised... [16 Jan 2005|11:13pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

As I promised, here are all the pictures that I took tonight. You can click here to view them all. I had a great time at the dance and I hope that everyone else did. Now it is time for me to go to bed but I have a question for everyone to answer.


Do you think that the dance tonight would have been better if the proctors were allowed to go?


xx Sid

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