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People Against The Human Species

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

4:50PM - Perhaps they're evolving biggers mouths and smaller ears

Know what really bugs me? Well, most things do, but what really bugs me to the point where I'm posting it here is:

When people act like their opinion is law. Like, you'll have differing viewpoints and you're willing to accomdate theirs and willing to cede that you realise why they might feel that way, but they refuse to do the same for you. You can throw the most rational, brilliant, moving or whatever arguments at them and they refuse to even hear. It's like they're deaf. Anything you tell them would be better told to a brick wall. This is so vexing. It's like they speak just to hear themselves speaking. They may as well not have ears for all the good having "discussions" with others seems to do them. WTF people, expand your damned minds.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Once upon a time, Conan the Barbarian was the epitome of manliness because he was deep voiced, broad chested, and covered in muscles. Now his sex appeal is entirely dependant on the presence of the fur thong.

I don't understand this obsession so many female homo saps have with extremely feminine males, to the point where the only thing they lack is the sexual organs that define them thus. Androgyny I can sometimes understand; but the ultra femininity of what they think of as their ideal sex icon... I just don't understand it!

If this continues, the species as a whole is probably doomed, because our females are either all inherently lesbians, or they will only be attracted by efeminate homosexual men. But then, I suppose that's not such a bad thing after all...

Senseless creatures.

Friday, June 17, 2005

11:12PM - Have you slapped a human today?

Well, have you?

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

12:16PM - Protest

The US needs to eliminate pennies from it's currency. Pennies are almost useless. They cost too much to produce, yet all they're good for are sales taxes (which could be even numbers if they tried harder) and for those morons who like to say 99 cents rather than $1 so people think they're getting a real fucking bargain. Plus, they're a pain in the ass to carry around.

Anyone who thinks we don't really need pennies anymore-- follow suit. Everytime you get pennies, deposit them immediately. Do not spend a single penny. Make sure pennies stay out of circulation.

Okay, that's all. Yes, I'm just a bored teenager who wants life handed to me on a silver platter. Hope someone's willing to help me out.

Friday, June 10, 2005

9:41PM - Thou shalt not do as you are told.

Stop doing as you are expected. This leads to unhappiness. Do what makes you happy. Screaming "pig-fucker" at people for no reason always puts a smile on my face. Drugs also help, if that's your thing. Don't do anything stupid, for that puts the power into their hands. Be weird, as they call it. We are better than them, my children, Better than they could ever imagine. Which is why they do not, and cannot understand. We are gODs amongst insects, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Down with the lesser simians.

I know I said I'd talk about how a little fascism can be a good thing, but I don't have to, so fuck off.


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Thursday, June 9, 2005

9:02PM - Is hatred a bad thing?

Truly, hatred of someone or something just because some dim person says it's necessary, is stupid. But true well-thought hatred should be embraced. The key is the "well-thought" part. For instance, I hate people who live in their own filth. These are the type of people who procreate like the plague. These foul simians should be drowned in their own bile. They often are unemployed parasites feeding off my hard earned and far too quickly taken tax dollars. By the way, I hate taxes. Not so much paying them, but the fact that they are mishandled really chafes my asshole. But back to the filthy. I hate them. I really really really hate them. If the world is too squeamish to slaughter the lot of them, then at least sterilize them so they can't spread their disease.

Do you see how well thought out that rant was. I have legitimate reasons to hate. Therefore my hatred can't be all that bad.

An example of bad hate would be racism. Unless it's the human race you are talking about, and that would be a legit thing to hate, then you are a moron who is just hating things based on fear and ignorance.

If you are going to hate someone or something, then have a good reason. And be able to explain your hatred. Always feel free to share your intelligent hatred.

Next time: "A little bit of fascism can be a good thing."

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

12:08AM - I prefer the title of "post-human"

Cast down your garbs of "humanity"! Throw away the species title that lesser beings have forced upon you! We must make ourselves known to the universe as more evolved specimens of nature. We must not equate ourselves to the human masses, for they are flawed beyond reckoning. I don't know about you kiddies, but I'm sick and fucking tired of being told that I'm human. Fuck humanity, and fuck you too, if you claim to belong to the lower species. Evolve, damn you! The first step to evolution takes you to a new species category. Fortunately for you, my young not-human-anymores, you have the luxury of choosing your own species title! So come on, now. Don't count yourself amongst the dregs of the universe. Move forward, not backward. Upward, not forward, but always twirling, twirling, TWIRLING!

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Saturday, June 4, 2005


Sick and tired, sick and tired, sick and tired.

"Of what Rev. Phil?"

Why of you, you sycophantic fuckwit mush head!

"But why, Rev. Phil?"

Because you have chosen to go in the opposite direction of progress, gaining wisdom and intelligence, and evolution. You have chosen the path, repeatedly mind you, of morons, monkeys, and mongerers of stupidity.

"Oh Rev. Phil, you just said some pretty big words that I don't understand."

Sit down and shut up George!

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Sunday, March 6, 2005

3:44PM - Damn Bovine Growth Hormones.........

Old one but I want it read!Collapse )

3:32PM - Not my best one I know but hey I'm rusty and.................oh fuck it.

Oh No! Him Again!Collapse )

Friday, August 27, 2004


Real World My Ass...Collapse )

Thursday, August 26, 2004


Hi. I'm new. I'll get something up soon. Later.

Sunday, May 23, 2004


This is bullshit. I have a photocopy of the original article. I'm disgusted by this mans.... dickheadedness. What an arsehole.

Sunday, May 9, 2004


Its starting to upset me so bad....People only care when it's convenient for them, otherwise its all self centeredness. Im so sick of being used by people. Im sick of sitting in my bed crying my eyes out because I find myself defending myself against everyone. I shouldn't have to be this upset all the time...

I care about people, yet I find them not caring about me---In fact, I get a call from most of them well the need me to do something for them, otherwise They couldn't care less about me...Of course there are the people that do care, but for the most part, I dont think my friends give a shit about me....That upsets me so bad....

Friday, April 23, 2004

3:25PM - Grr! Stupid Bitch-Corpse!

Okay, I was mistaken. There happens to be something else that pisses me off.

Last night, while heading home from an algebra class (where I hoped that I did well on a test), I was treated to the sight of some EMT's rushing over to a bathroom just around the corner of our spacious cafeteria. Fortunately, this was late in the evening, around 8 p.m., so there weren't many people around. I asked what was going on, and one of the janitors informed me that someone had chosen this place to die of a drug overdose.


fukoo! bullocks!

What the hell is wrong with these people!? Why did someone who wasn't a student feel the need to casually toss aside her body on school property as easily as one tosses aside a handful of pennies(Sorry, bitch, you only get one corpse)?! I mean, aren't there alleys for this sort of thing?

I hate this. It's bad enough that people come into the school so fucking drunk that security has to call Detox to come pick them up (turns out that Detox doesn't have to come pick them up if they were found on the street). Why does my school have to be a PUBLIC BUILDING anyway?!

Now, as if that wasn't enough to make kitty scream, one of the EMT's passing by clearly wasn't watching his big fat mouth. I asked if there really was a dead person (the aformentioned bitch/crack-whore) and he said, "it's none of your business, but yes."

What?! None of my business?! I go to school here, fucktard, of course it's my business that strangers are somehow drawn here like moths to a flame when they want to flip off and die! Why couldn't they have just gone home to their mother's where at least they could allow her a chance to have that lasting image of their cold, dead eyes staring back at her? They don't call, they don't write, Mother's Day is just around the corner. I think it's a damn sight preferable to using MY SCHOOL as the place to fucking go "weeee" and die! Damn right, it's my business! That fucking bitch-corpse MADE IT MY BUSINESS!


Stupid idiot crack-whore/welfare-mama/drug-addict/street-trash/asswipe/bitch-corpse!

I think her friend was there too, Eating casually while this was going on. Bitch-whore! Put down the fries and at least PRETEND this whole thing upset you at least a little!

Now I know how that kid felt when he decided to put Columbine on the map. I feel like going fecking nuts on campus myself. Kill all the crack-whores before they find another way to piss me off!!

This concludes my rant. For fucking now.

Bah! No one is going to care how I feel. They'll just casually toss aside my feelings and say "it happens" as if I'm not supposed to give a fuck about anything! sigh. No one will read this anyway, nor will anyone respond to this (except to say, "it happens, no big deal").

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2:46PM - anti HUMAN???

I don't think we're against humans as much as we are against humans who fail to act like human beings should.

Friday, April 2, 2004

12:35PM - Holy Shite BatGirl!

I guess I'm about to have a rant....... a rant or just plain voice my disgust at unsightly nose hair!!! Good God Man - you be looking like a wooly mammoth is trying to get out of your head via your beak! Surely you must be aware of how BIZARRE that looks?
Don't you look in the mirror BEFORE you leave the house????
And what the hell are you talking about? In the SAS for a week? BITE ME! You strange person.
I just can't help but look at the jungle coming outta yer nose mate - nothing else can enter my brain.


Current mood: cynical

Thursday, March 11, 2004

8:15PM - RE:: Dyfferent - Mod of The Outfit

I've been getting harassed by this psycho woman! dyfferent .All I did was post a link to an eBay auction in [Bad username: The Outfit] and she got uppity - deleted the post - called me the "dumbest link" and banned me! What the?
Well - not only that, I could not reply to her post! Gutless Wonder.

So I posted to a comment in her LiveJournal - regarding a trip to America and that she had forgotten to pack her Cileste Oral Contraceptives. I offered to help, but as I am the "dumbest link" I couldn't possibly figure it out - right?

Her Reply:: You also can't count, honey. Look when I posted this.

I ban people who spam theoutfit. I do it every time. There are plenty of other places to hawk your goods.

Guess what? You're gonna get banned here as well.

So Once again I tried to reply to her comment and she has turned that feature off - MY reply will now be posted here::


RE:: "I ban people who spam theoutfit. I do it every time. There are plenty of other places to hawk your goods."

Fair enough - that is all you had to say/do. You did not need to be rude and call me the "dumbest link" - nor did you need to ban me!

I post occasionally at The Outfit - when I feel like telling people what I'm wearing. I like the Community - shame it's mod is a bit touchy.

And what on earth are you going to ban me from now? LiveJournal?

Do you know the difference between curt and curteous?

As far as when I replied to your "Cileste" post - you could very well still be in America. It's only been 11 days since you've posted it.

Pack it in, you're acting like a Miss Bossy Boots American! Not pretty at all! And I've got every right to say that as I am myself a Miss Bossy Boots American! But at least I can be civil about it!

Current mood: vindictive

Monday, February 16, 2004


Hey, I joined up here last week and figure it's time I introduced myself. My names Will, and despite beeing fairly well adjusted I too have a long standing disagreement with the nature of humanity. I hate the dependance I have on other people, yet love to be depended apon. I hate the nature of my situation- seemingly well off both physically and mentally, but deep down there are days when I can't stand to eat, sleep or even breathe. I suppose my argument is more with my own nature then the over-riding nature of the population but hey it's too easy to blame myself and snap out of it..... It's one of those dark experiances your supposed to have. A bit of self loathing goes a long way toward better understanding people, at least I hope it works that way.

Hey I'm not all bad news, I have good days most of the time. I just don't understand why. Anyway- thats a little about me.

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

6:04PM - G'day

Why is it that a social situation consiting of a screen and keyboard is still daunting?

I was wondering if you lot could tell me a little about yourselves? I'm too lazy to check profiles, and besides, actual talk is far more informative. I'm assuming by your chatter about President Bush that you are Americans. I'm an Australian. And believe me I'm not partial to Prime Minister John Howards actions either. Fucked up government. Especially this business with medicare. Um, lets see what else. Oh, I live in a tourist hole. Three rocks in a row is aparently a sight to see. I'm 18, female, short and skinny. I'm about 157cm (5'2" i think). My hair has been a great many colours (though dark brown naturally) such as blonde with purple streaks, orange, black, dark blue, bright red (I'm talking Ronald McDonald red here) and I've also shaved my head. My despisal (I don't think thats a word) of the human race springs from my interactions with them, mostly from my job in a fast food joint (which I don't have anymore). I'm considered to be quite the weirdo amongst friends, relatives, and total strangers. I have an insatiable sense of curiosity and a passion for writing. I would love to hear about all of you. So please humour me. And please excuse my spelling, as its right for my country, but wrong for yours.

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