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Real♡Love-A Paradise GO!!GO!! Community-'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Real♡Love-A Paradise GO!!GO!! Community-

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[29 Sep 2005|02:58pm]
Name Reina

How did you find out about Parago? Random Download.

What was your first impression of Parago? I really liked them. I thought the were so cute!

First song heard? Faraway

Favourite song? ZETTAI and real Love

Favourite member? Yuka. and then Kiyomi. and then Misaki. <3

Favourite PV? Why? Koi no Undokai. I really like seeing the girls cute like that. And the introductions were adorable.

I hate to ask this on my first post and all, but I've been looking for a REALLY long time. I've been looking for the PV for ZETTAI and the MP3s for NUMBER ONE!, and Jsut Shiney Tonight. I plan on getting all the singles, I even have the new one that hasn't been released yet on pre order, but I'd like these until i get the money for the rest. Also, until I can find somewhere that SELLS 9souls, does anybody have their CD? it would be gratly appreciated.
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Yay lol [26 Sep 2005|09:24pm]

Hey! This is Thea rejoining the community in a different lj username ^^;; lol. I'll just copy-paste my old profile thing and put it at the end of this entry...

Also, new Parago single on November 23!! Two formats, CD-only and CD+DVD :3 CD-only will have trading cards for first press.

And there's the 3rd X'mas collaboration with dream + Nao Nagasawa + SweetS + Nanase Hoshii + Aiko Kayo + PARADISE GO!!GO!! + Michi Saito. Out on November 16. Don't forget this too!! :D

Name Thea

How did you find out about Parago? Ah I knew them as 9SOULS back in 2003. I thought then that they were really cool :O I rediscovered them in 2004 when I went to Penty's website in search of Keika & Rina (Hinochi) info lol.

What was your first impression of Parago? Like what I said, I've always thought they were cool :3 I liked the 9SOULS songs back then and their image was really cool! When I first heard ZETTAI i was just like "whoa must know more!!" rofl

First song heard? As Parago, ZETTAI. As 9SOULS, Jibun no shi (if i am not mistaken lol)

Favourite song? NUMBER ONE!! and Real Love with Hagi in it T_T

Favourite member? Junjun :3 And then Leader!! I also like Hagi but she's no more ne T__T

Favourite PV? Why? Wow I cannot choose... I like all PVs O_O lol. Er I don't really like ZETTAI much tho... ^^"
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[27 Aug 2005|06:50pm]

2 Misc.
2 Natalie Portman
3 Ai Takahashi
5 Adriana Lima
5 Japanese model
5 Rachel Bilson
6 Gemma Ward
10 Random models
12 Sophia Bush
13 Paradise GO!! GO!!
23 JE

preview: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

(Wo Wo Wa Wa, Wo Wo Wa Wa)

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- enjoy!
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[10 Aug 2005|11:49pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Name: Sami

How did you find out about Parago? i was in the Penty's outlet in Shibuya Jr. station and i heard the song ZETTAI.

What was your first impression of Parago? "i like their clothes" xD

First song heard? ZETTAI

Favorite song? Just Shiny Tonight, Orion, and Party Night

Favorite member? Hagi, even though she's not in the group anymore, i still like her, Natalie, and Kiyomi

Favorite PV? Why? i can't decide between ZETTAI and Faraway. i really like the dancing.

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5th member! lol. [09 Aug 2005|10:54pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Name: Miwako a.k.a Miwa/Haru

How did you find out about Parago? I saw Thea's Parago fansite and then I joined the kiss! forums lol.

What was your first impression of Parago? Hmm.. they're cool! xD

First song heard? Zettai

Favourite song? Real Love and Faraway

Favourite member? Natalie & Kiyomi

Favourite PV? Why? probably faraway at this time, because I haven't seen the Real Love PV before o_O;;.

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4th Member!! YEAH! [09 Aug 2005|11:45pm]

How did you find out about Parago?
When i am seraching some Dash thinggy on caless website and saw the link to parago official website so i click on it.^^ Totally LOVE Zettai when it is play and keep on repeating the song on the website.^^

What was your first impression of Parago?
It is really group.Actually the 1st ever girl group that caugh my eyes even thought i do listen to MM but than Parago ROCKS.
First song heard?
Favourite song?
Still Zettai
Favourite member?
KIYOMI!!!!!EEK i just love her so much esp her smiles that make me happy.XD AND SO CUTE TOO
Favourite PV? Why?
Hmm...still Zettai.Gyah I think i love Zettai so much.hahaa.esp the showing of shoulder part for natalie.SEXY YO
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Yokoso! [09 Aug 2005|03:32pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey everyone and welcome to the Paradise Go!!Go!! LJ community! :] I hope this gets active so be sure to tell your friends about it xD and feel free to post an introduction entry!

Eijiro, Eiji, etc.
How did you find out about Parago?
Totally by chance..Awhile ago (Around the time they released their ZETTAI single) I just stumbled on their site.. probably from a forum link or something rofl. The rest is history!
What was your first impression of Parago?
At first I thought they were just another girl group actually.. *Is booed* But then I listened to ZETTAI and saw the PV preview... I thought they had this really cool attitude about them xD
First song heard?
Favourite song?
Probably Faraway..I just love the chorus~
Favourite member?
Junko! And after that Kiyomi. Dunno why Junko, but she's really cute so maybe that's why haha! ^^"
Favourite PV? Why?
I'd say Faraway, but I haven't seen Real Love yet *Waiting for my DVD to arrive*, I really like the outfits in the Faraway vid, and the dance routine is pretty cool too :]

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